STD cause Acne?
by Sparty1, Aug 29, 2007
About 5 months ago, I performed cunnilingus on a commercial sex worker.  This was the only risk exposure from that incident.  I've had a variety of symptoms since that incident and the majority of them have gone away.  There are still a few lingering symptoms that still can't seem to go away.  I continue to have upper abdominal pain with changing stools.  Also, the last 6 weeks I have developed acne on my face, scalp, and little on the back.  It's been almost 15 years since I last had acne issues and I've never had acne on my scalp.  I find it too coincidental that this happened few months after my incident.  The following are the tests I have taken since the incident:  3 month HIV test, 2 month Hep B&C, 2 week Syphillis, and bacterial stool test.  All came back negative.  I also took azythromicin in case I got Chlamydia.

Here's my questions:

1)  Do you think I still warrant any new/additional STD tests?  If so, which ones?  

2)  Can an STD trigger acne?

3)  Does these symptoms resemble any type of STD?  
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by Wear/a/Jimmy, Aug 29, 2007
antibiotics can cause a break out. Zithromax stays in the body for around 10-14 days.

I don't know when you took the Z pack.
by Sparty1, Aug 30, 2007
I took the Z-Pak more than 4 months ago.  I'm assuming that any side effects would have been gone by now.

Anybody else can help with my question??????
by Wear/a/Jimmy, Aug 30, 2007
I know of no STD that causes Acne....  ofcourse I never googled that symptom. But most STD are generally not systemic (can be but rare) and the hang out in your genital tract.

So really acne and STD....  like I said have not heard of it.
by swapnilj, Dec 10, 2010
i have the same symptoms as u have i have got rem bump now on glans too but i havent done any test yet.
by npfah38, Jul 03, 2012
Unbelievable! Nobody knows what this is! I think I have it too, and see many people online commenting. Simply put, it's: acne after having sex. I had unprotected sex and after it I developed some acne/pimples that come and spread on my back. From other comments it seems it can be on the face or other parts too. These are not pimples on my genitals. On me, they are mostly on the back, but also show up on the inner side of my forearm -- which is, for sure, extremely strange; had never happened before with me. They are particular itchy, and a bit different than other pimples I had as a younger teenager. They leave a mark for a few months.

After acquiring it, I realized that the person whom I had sex with had something like this too. It's been 3 years now. It's not that bad, as it just seems like a few pimple on my back and shoulders. But it's itchy and awful!!
by Pazzesco, Mar 26, 2013
Also consider bed bugs; if the bumps itch they may not be pimples. Bed bug bites are often misdiagnosed as acne... I've experienced this first hand more than once.
by Pepinator, Oct 02, 2013
It could be MRSA, it creates pimples all over the body including face and scalp.
by mymoney, Nov 17, 2013
I think I am going crazy.I experience those same symptoms with my significant other. I get pimples on the back , torso , arms or face. I also have trouble breathing at night the right nostril will clog. It causes snoring and after i wake up and wait a little while it will on clog on it's own. It is like my sinus membrane swells at night.I also have like little hard particles come out my eye ducts and that has affected my vision now I am wearing reading glasses.