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STD risk from breast milk with sore in mouth
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STD risk from breast milk with sore in mouth

This may be an odd question, but it is still legitimate.

Unbelievably, I forgot that I had a sore in my
mouth from dental work (a bit of a wet scab like area from where it had been rubbed a week ago from some protruding material). While I had this sore, I had an encounter with an escort who was lactating from a very recent birth. I did have a pretty decent quantity of this. (I know, strange.)

Do I have a high risk of contracting an STD? For what it is worth she is an "upscale" escort with no obvious std problems and uses safe sex practices. I'm also assuming that they probably did tests for HIV and hepatitis and things during her pregnancy.

Finally, what are the chances her baby would be hurt if I had a cold sore virus present at the time I had
oral contact with the escorts breasts? I didn't have any cold sore then but I've had them in the past so I know the virus
is in my body and I wouldn't want it
being transmitted to the baby in any way.

thank you.

Welcome to our Forum. There is no risk to an adult of acquiring any STD from breast milk or from contact with the breast of a person with an STD unless the STD is one that causes lesions (like syphilis or herpes) and, in that case, there is no risk unless a person came into direct contact with the sore.  At that time there would be a very small risk of herpes or syphilis.

On the other hand, if you had a herpes lesion (cold sore) on your mouth and your partner did not already have HSV-1, you might transmit your infection to her.  The risk of even this happening however is small.  

I hope this addresses your questions.  EWH
Oh and to top it off I had just finished a course of oral steroids for another issue, so maybe my immunity was low too.
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