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STD risk question about receptive oral sex
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STD risk question about receptive oral sex

I have a ? about which STD oral sex has the most risk for. I have read through the archives and I want to make sure I am interpreting what I have read correctly. I'll mention my exposures and why this is a concern for me. I have had 4 receptive oral sex exposures with men, I am a man too. One in 05/09, two in 06/09 and one in 07/09. I have done this before, I am a bi-sexual but for some reason I now have anxiety over these recent exposures. I suspect it's because I promisedto be careful after my physical and negative HIV test in 04/09.

The first two exposures, in mid 05/09 and mid 6/09, with men I didn't know and I don't know anything about their history or health status. Exposures were brief receptive oral sex, less than a min. with no ejac.

The 2nd exposures were with men I met OL and we talked about safety before sex and both men claimed to be STD free. One was no ejac and the other did in my mouth but due to the extensive talks we had I'm pretty sure he was honest about his health. I asked him direct questions and he responded. None of the men had noticeable symptoms open sores, scabs, discharge etc. I look and inspect before I put anything in my mouth.

I want to be clear about the risk of what I could have been exposed to and whether or not these exposures warrant testing for STD's and HIV based on the risk of receptive oral sex.

1 Chlamydia. From what I've read this is a rarely transmitted by performing receptive oral sex. Yes?
2  Gonorrhea. It can happen but usually isn't a big health concern, clear on it's own etc.
3 Herpes. Requires coming into contact with open sores, is rarely transmitted via receptive oral. Yes?
4 Syphilis. Sore needs to be present for transmission to occur, which should be pretty obvious. If it was transmitted it presents with a sore in new infections. No chancre = no infection. Yes?
5 HIV. Low risk. Testing usually isn’t recommended after receptive oral sex.

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Welcome to the Forum. I will answer your questions below but to preview, your risk of infection is low. That said, sex with partners met OL is higher risk for STD acquisition than sex with someone you know a bit better. I suspect you already know this.  As for your questions:

1.  Correct.  Oral chlamydia is vanishingly rare.
2.  Correct.  If present it is also readily cured with an injection of ceftriaxone.
3.  Correct
4.  Correct.  There is some doubt as to whether or not HIV is ever transmitted by oral sex.  You have little to be concerned about.

Hope this helps.  EWH
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Thank you for your informed response. I was pretty sure I had the facts straight but wanted to be sure. The reason I asked is I've had some strange, for me, health issues in the past few weeks. Frequent canker sores, some pain in my feet with a few blood filled blisters in the ankle. I know from what I've read "symptoms" are notoriously unreliable but any stange flare-ups for me is strange, I am an avid health nut, reg exercise and healthy food etc, other than the obvious low risk sexual activity here and there. My original question included symptom questions but I had to edit it down to meet the 2000 character limit. I had read about chlamydia and RA but since that isn't possible I'll assume my foot and ankle issues are some other thing. Canker sores, well after thinking rationally I know those are as common as anything can be.
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