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STD risk question

Hi Doctor, Thank you for your response on my previous question. However, due to my lack of sexual experience. I am in doubt of my condom accident.

I have sex with legal CSW. There were no oral sex and it was protected vaginal intercourse.

She was riding me till I ejaculate in her and i did not immediately pull my penis out. After a few more riding, i pull out my penis and there was white liquid coming out of her vaginal. My first instance was did the condom fail but when I look at my penis. The condom was still intact and cover my penis ie the condom did not break. I remove the condom and check for any holes or leakage as my semen are still in the condom.

I am thinking that the condom was working fine. However, my doubts are still with me that I wonder did the condom fail me. The condom that I wore was Durex extra safe with extra lube.

I hope to hear good news from you and thank you so much for your help on this forum
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You do not need to start a new thread for your follow-up questions,  you just need to be a bit patient and it will be answered bt Dr. Handsfield.  Please be patient.  EWH
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