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STD through underwear
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STD through underwear


I went to a prostiture 1 1/2 week ago.

We dit NOT had sex. I only got a massage.

She was naked, I had my underwear on.

During the massage she went sitting on my underwear (front side). Not the whole time.

After my visit I noticed my underwear was a bit wet.

I do not know whether this was because of me or the lady. Precum or vaginal fluid?

I'm affraid my penis got in contact with possible "infected" vaginal fluid.

Now is my question wether I was at risk for an STD (chlamydia, syphilis, ...) or HIV??

I read different things on the internet. Some websites say there is indeed a small risk. Others say there is no risk.

Can one of the experts please help me with my question.

Thank you.
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Welcome to the STD forum.  Responding first to the title you chose, before reading the question:  it is not possible to catch an STD through clothing.  If a bare penis doesn't enter a vagina, rectum, or mouth, generally there is little or no STD risk.

Now I have read the question.  It is probable that nobody ever caught an STD through clothing, despite moisture from a partner's genital secretions.  There might be a small, theoretical risk for transmission of the skin-to-skin STDs, like herpes, HPV, and syphilis -- but too low to worry about. You don't need testing and can continue unprotected sex with your regular partner(s) without risk.

Here is a thread that discusses the biology of STD transmission in detail, explaining why exposures like this carry little or no risk.  You should find it reassuring.  Start reading with the folllow-up comments that start December 14:

Regards--  HHH, MD
Thanks a lot! I appreciate the quick reply.

Could you explain me why a bacteria like chlamydia can't be transmitted through clothing?

As my underwear was wet, it was also wet on the inside.
And there could be a slight contact between the fluid and the glans (glands) penis.

Did you read the thread in the link I provided?  It answers this question.

In 30+ years in my busy STD clinic, there has never been a case of chlamydia in someone who did not have unprotected insertive sex.

That's all for this thread.
i had sex w  a classmate. we used a condom. the area around my penis and my underwear were soaked with her vaginal fluid. could i be @ risk because of her vf on my underwear in the location of my penis? like my urethra?
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