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Hello Dr,

i have visited maybe 6 online escorts in the last 3 months. I received/had protected vaginal sex with all and received unprotected oral sex on maybe 3 instances including one ejaculation by mouth unprotected.

I got tested back in February '12 and was given all clear. Since then all this has happened. In the last week I had another instance and have noticed what seem to be fairly faint dark brown growths barely noticeable on my upper torso and small barely noticeable clusters of red like pimples around chest area. I have recently returned from a sun vacation so some more freckles are present but these are different raised and noticeable dark brown and greyish in colour Also I have noticed red like spots again barely noticeable and tiny just below belly button and veiny spidery like veins/sploges in inner things.

I am wondering do i have anything to worry about based on my descriptions
I understand my risks for HIV are very small but im more worried about skin to skin contact stds and in particular HPV causing warts,

Is it possible to acquire bodily warts on upper torso from sexually related causes?

Best Regards.
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really no reason to think rashes on the chest are std related.  you can have all sorts of rashes in those areas especially in hot, sweaty weather.

follow up with your provider if you are concerned.

to best protect yourself, make sure your oral sex is protected too!

Thank you very much Grace,

1.) I know most risk from unproctected oral is skin to skin contact or urethral in nature such as HSV-2 (skin) and gonorrhea/chlamydia. Is it fair to say that if i dont show any signs of HSV-2 water blisters in groin or pain or burning whilst peeing its unlikely I have contracted Herpes or Gonorrhea/Chlamydia? or any other STD?

2.) What would you expect a full STI screening/bloodwork result for me to be based on my above piece and descriptions that you already answered.?
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