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STS? - Frequent Urination
On March 3rd I had unprotected oral sex (both ways) with a provider, and protected intercourse.  5 days later I had a burning sensation when urination upon first waking up and once more after that.  Since then I have been having a frequent need to urinate (no more burning at all, but, at times, the flow appears to be weak).  I went to my DR and she tested the urine with a quick swap and deemed a slight infection (I did not tell her about the encounter).  She said it is most like prostatitis and prescribed a 14 day course of Cipro (500mg).  I am now 10 days into the course and have not seen any improvement in the frequent urination. Curiously, the need to urinate is much more prevalent in the morning and less so as the day progresses.  I did notice what seems to be a tiny 'rough patch' on my penis - it looks like a flake of skin (very small) - it could have been there for months as it is difficult to spot.  No discharge or any other symptoms.

Thank you.
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Welcome to the Forum.  It's difficult to tell what's going on here and difficult to tell what tests your doctor has done.  Urinary frequency is not a typical STD symptom but burning and abnormal urine tests are.  As mentioned, these can also be a sign of prostatitis.  

You could have gotten urethritis (penile infection) from your oral exposure- either NGU or gonorrhea (less likely gonorrhea on a statistical basis).  Cipro is not recommended for either NGU or gonorrhea however and this could be the reason that your symptoms have continued.  Clearly however, the fact that you have not improved warrants further discussion with your doctor (I would see this person again if possible since if you see someone new, they'll have to "start again" an the antibiotics, while not effective, may have confused things.  

If you get more information, please feel free to run it by me in follow-up.  Knowing more about what tests were done and the results would help me to help you.  EWH
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