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Safe sex at bathhouses for MSM
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Safe sex at bathhouses for MSM

Hello all,

I am trying to ensure I am well educated on sexual health, and hopefully I am practicing safe sex and taking suitable preventions.

I am a bi male and visit bathhouses/saunas for anonymous sex and also have sex with women.
I use condoms 100% of the time for anal and vaginal sex no exceptions.  I use condoms 100% if I sucking someone and 90% of time if they are sucking me.

My questions am I taking good precautions  and being safe?
Is there another way I could get an STD specifically as I visit bathhouse for gay men be this mean by:
Body rubbing with/without ejaculate
Fingering with/without ejaculate
Body Kissing (excluding oral sex) with/without ejaculate

In the above I say with/without ejaculate because of the situations where one could ejaculate and then continue a action with a different person such as during group sex.

I do get tested every 12 months just out routine and advice in the UK.
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we recommend protected sex because it works!

protected oral, both giving and receiving isn't a std risk.

protected sex, vaginal and anal, is a low risk for syphilis, herpes and hpv.

have you had your gardasil shots for hpv?

fingering isn't a real risk.  

you can contract std's from direct skin on skin contact but the risk of that is very low.

whether you or your partner ejaculate or not has little to do with std risk.

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