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Should I get a std check up immediatley or wait
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Should I get a std check up immediatley or wait

Hello everybody,

I'm just going to get straight to the point. This summer, from early July to the end of August, I was having unprotected sex regularly with this woman to whom I'm rather close. Now that I'm back home (it's a long distance relationship) I'm somewhat concerned about two things: a redness that's on the inside of the ring of my glans (glands) and minor itching on my scrotum

I'll start with the redness on the inside of the ring of my penis. To be honest, we noticed, after about the 3rd night of having sex, that there was redness/irritation. Since it didn't hurt at all, at the moment I kind of figured it was normal and I just disregarded it. Well now we're a month and a half later and the redness is still there. There is still no pain nor discomfort whatsoever, but the redness hasn't faded. I've been separated from the woman for a week now, so I'm no longer sexually active. We actually also had to leave each other for about a week towards the end of July and the redness didn't fade then either. Now the redness is on both sides of the ring and mainly on the right. The thing is, during all this time we were having sex, it NEVER got any redder but as I already said, it never cleared up either.

Now, real quick, I'll discuss this itching on my scrotum. This only started after the first time we had to separate (after about 10 days of sex regularly), so towards the end of July. At first, an itch came on down there and I really thought nothing of it as I started to scratch. But the more I scratched the more it itched and became irritated so I had to stop. After that, it really wasn't too much of a problem to be honest. Most of time the itch would come when I was laying in my bed trying to get to sleep or sitting down. I could rather easily resist the urge and if I didn't scratch it, it just would just go away. We looked at my scrotum and we couldn't find anything, sometimes there was just minor redness. Since I've been separated from the woman, it has really calmed down and it only comes now and then. I more concerned about the redness of my penis head than the itching on my scrotum, but I still want to make sure.

I just wanted to let you guys know that this is really the first time in my life that I've been this sexually active and the first time I've had unprotected sex. I do trust this woman and she did said she got tested (for at least HIV) and she had nothing.

That said, I hope it's nothing and I'm being overly cautious, but when should I get a std check up? Should I get one as soon as possible or should I wait 3 - 4 months since most major stds don't show up immediately? I'm mostly concerned about this redness inside of my ring, I don't like that and I'm sure it's from having sex but is it normal to have redness like that??

Please let me know

Thank you

You can get an STD check up straight away for things like gonorrhea and chlamydia but you'd have to wait a while longer to get tested for HIV and herpes. Having said that none of your symptoms sound like any sort of STD and you really don't need to worry about HIV.

The redness could possibly be a yeast infection something which is common when new partners suddenly start having a lots of sex. Try using canesten thrush cream for a few days and see if that clears it up. If not I'd recommend seeing your doctor about the problem. As regards the itching I think this is mainly phycological and possible irritation from constant scratching.
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