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Sore throat 2 days after oral sex
Last Thursday i gave oral sex to 7 males, all of them fully erected. Some, forcefully, went deep in my throat. One of them eyaculated in my mouth and i had anal sex with two using condom, but they didn't eyaculate inside. On the following saturday i started having severe sore throat and low grade fever. 99.5 and 100.1. and generalized malaise. On staurday I started taking Z-pack and on Monday I started taking Augmentin 500mg every 12hrs. Just in case and because I still have the symptoms. My question is: Is it possible that my throat is sore because of the forcelly deep introduction of the hard penis? if so, why the fever? could it be a viral infection? if bacterial am I getting the right treatment? why after 2 days of Z-pack I still have sore throat?. Is it possible to have flu like symptom so soon if I adquired HIV?.
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Welcome to the Forum.   There certainly are STDs which can occur from performing oral sex however most of them are asymptomatic and it would be unusual for them to cause symptoms only two days following exposure.  Trauma is also an unlikely cause of your symptoms since if the forceful sex you participated in was irritating I would expect you to have symptoms sooner than at 2 days.  A viral infection is certainly a possibility and that would also explain your fever.  That the antibiotics do not help is also suggestive of viral infection.  My advice would be for you to ask your own doctor to take a look, particularly  if you are still feeling poorly.

This is unlikely to be HIV.  HIV is virtually never transmitted by oral sex and the symptoms of early HIV typical begin about two weeks following exposure, not a 2 days.  EWH  
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