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My story is pretty much here


I'm starting to doubt the Biokit results I've received as the STD clinic seems a bit strange. Would I benefit from trying a different lab for the ELISA test? What should I do from here?
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Welcome to our Forum.  As  understand it, you now have had several positive HerpeSelect ELISAs and following each a negative BIOKIT.  From research studies that we have done in my laboratory and that have been done at the University of Washington, when patients have a positive ELISA and a negative BIOKIT, all of this is consistent with having false positive ELISA.  The closer a person’s ELISA result is to the cut off value used to define what it positive and what is not, the more likely it is that the BIOKIT will be negative.     I would predict that if you get a Western Blot from the University of Washington, it will be indeterminate which, in your situation, means that the ELISA result was falsely positive.  

The bigger question for me is why do you keep testing.  You are asymptomatic and have negative tests.  I would suggest you believe them.  EWH
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