Swollen lymph nodes in groin - STD-related?
by PraiseJah, Jul 09, 2005
Last Saturday, I had unprotected oral sex and intercourse with a 23 year old girl I met that evening.  I am a 22 year old male.  On about Thursday of this week, I started to notice some pain in the left side of my groin.  This pain became more severe, and after some research, I realized my lymph nodes in my groin were the culprit.  

I then went to the doctor, who after hearing my story and performing a check-up, found no sign of an STD and put me on Zithromax for 3 days. (I was concerned about herpes primarily, since I noticed two tiny, slightly swollen white dots in my mouth and what seemed to be sore in the corner/side of the inside of my mouth.  He felt that herpes was unlikely, though I had used a cold sore medicine on these spots, which seemed to have a minimal effect.  These sores are now gone.)  Regardless, the swelling in my groin seems to have increased, however.  I can actually see my lymph nodes on the left side (the only side which is swollen), and am experiencing some pain in what feels like my lower abdomen and some soreness in my left thigh.

I have been examining myself like crazy and am pretty nervous, mainly because of the lymph node swelling and pain.  (Never has happened to me in the past.)  However, after carefully checking myself out, I don't seem to see any lesions in my genital area.  I have had unprotected sex in the past, but have never noticed anything like this until after this most recent you feel herpes is still a probability?  These physical symptoms are new to me, and have me pretty spooked.  What's your opinion?
Unlike most questions on this forum about lympadenopathy (lympg node enlargement), this sounds real.  It is impossible for me to say what caused it, except I'm confident it isn't HIV (which would cause lymphadenopathy everywhere, not limited to one side of the groin).  It would be unusual for herpes to cause it without causing overt skin lesions as well.  It may have no relation at ll to the sexual exposure you describe; the most common causes of lymphadenopathy of the groin are infections or inflammation of the leg (like a stubbed toe, an ingrown tonail, a cut or infection of the leg), not STDs.  And I also can't comment knowledgably about the lesions in your mouth.  But it sounds like your doctor is on top of things; I suggest following his advice.

Good luck---  HHH, MD
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by PraiseJah, Jul 09, 2005
Thanks for your input, it is much appreciated.  Come to think of it, during said weekend, I bruised my toe rather severely (black and blue) on my RIGHT foot.  Would this mean my, at least theoretically, that my right lymph nodes should have swollen?  Just wondering how an injury like this on my right side (foot) correlates to a certain side of my body (left side) experiencing lymph node swelling.

Also, curious about skin lesions usually occur BEFORE a swelling of lymph nodes....or afterwards?  Or is it just hit or miss?  

Thanks for your help.  Very admirable that you take time out to answer questions such as those here on this forum.
by pandora9049, Jul 10, 2005
  not a doc, but i think herpes blisters are what cause the lymph nodes to become swollen, so they kinda happen at the same time.  
Usually I would expect lesions to appear first.  And trauma on the right foot shouldn't cause lymph node swelling in the opposite groin.

If no other clear answer shows up, then blood tests for HSV-2 and syphilis should be part of the work-up, if your doctor hasn't already done them.

by MrClark, Jul 10, 2005
I too have had similar swellen lymph nodes in my groin that have started to act up within 24 hours of unprotected sex (sex that left my penis quite sore).  Is this possibly herpes or more likely just from the sore penis?
by PraiseJah, Jul 10, 2005
Just wanted to add in a detail or two, maybe you could shed some light on this doc....I had a fair amount of mosquito bites on my left leg after this past weekend; these bites were pretty big, itchy etc...could this have caused a bacterial reaction in my body leading to groin swelling?  It's the only thing I can think of besides the sexual encounter that might be causing this.

Also, I have been taking a Lysine supplement (just in case) since Sunday.  Could this be keeping lesions from appearing, staving off the symptoms due to my early preventative action?  Just curious.  Thanks again, all your information is much appreciated.
by Mr SB, Jul 10, 2005
I have been trying for a week to get a question onto this bulletin board and was wondeirng if you might make an exception in answering my question.

I recently had a rough lap dance with a stripper that turned into a hand job and her using her saliva to help things along.  I feel ashamed that I let myself succumb to this situation.  I have had a lot of work related stress and was trying to unwind probably not the best way to unwind.  A day after the rough hand job and dance I started to feel anxiety and pain started in my abdominal region and then into my genitals almost two weeks later it still persists.  I have also had some pain in the penis after urinating or before but I have not noticed any burning.  The pain in the abdomen is persistent and comes and goes throughout the day.

What do you think it is?

Can you please help?  I would appreciate any comment.  Thanks.
by Rayyman, Aug 04, 2007
rayyman99_9   @ hotmail . com
by Rayyman, Aug 04, 2007
Hello, i have also experience some pain on the left side of my groin, the pain is not nessacerly on my penis, but right beside the beginning of my shaft. I had unprotected sex with my grilfreind many many times, and i only expericed these pains about 5-6 months after our first time, i am kinda nervous cause of the hole STD thing in this world and im kinda giving myself anxiety over this slight pain. I can also add that my girlfreind got a blood test and a vaginal fluid test to see if she has any of these STD's all results came back negative, so i really should not be worrying but it doesn't seem to stop.

Also i never actwally notice the pain my my groin until i actwally start thinking about it, is it possible that i am thinking about it so hard the my mind is actwally minipulating the pain?

But i hope and would really appreciate a reply, it shall help me ease my mind, also if possible can you send it to my e-mail :   rayyman99_9***@****