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Symptoms continuing after treatment
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Symptoms continuing after treatment


This problem has persisted for likely over two months.  It starts with my receipt of unprotected oral sex.  I have not had any sexual contact since.  Thereafter, I experienced discomfort in my abdomen, discomfort urinating, and discharge.  Re: the discharge:  I observed my urethra appeared consistently "wet."  However, I also noticed after a full day my boxers were literally filled with white stains.  My penis also felt overly sensitive.  Additionally, about 3-5 days after the above symptoms, I came down with a sore throat.

First, I thought I was imagining a problem.  Then, at least 2 weeks after the encounter, I noticed white discharge.  I went to the ER, gave urine, and received two antibiotics:  an injection and four pills taken at once.  They never told me what my test results were, but the discharge paperwork was all about gonorrhea.

My symptoms became markedly better.  My urination felt better, my urethra was not visibly wet, and my penis was no longer sensitive.  However, I continued to feel wetness or moistness in my groin area throughout the day.  I did not observe discharge, but when I wore darker boxers, new white stains would appear after a long day (not as much as before, though).  After another 1.5 weeks, I went back to the ER.  The doctor looked at my penis and noted no active discharge.  He ordered another urine test, but treated me without the results.  I received an injection, and 10 days of an oral antibiotic. I never received my test results.  

I finished the oral antibiotics, but the white stains and moist feelings have continued.  Also, I recently came down with a fever, muscle pains, red spots (mostly on my legs), and joint (ankle-knee-shoulder) pain.  

1.  What is the likelihood that a STD has persisted after the above?
2.  For the second oral antibiotic, the instructions were 1 every 12 hours. Sometimes, though, I took the pills 13-13.5 hours apart.  Could that have reduced the antibiotic's effectiveness?
Welcome to the Forum.  I'm a bit troubled that you have not received the test results from the tests performed at the Emergency Rooms that you went to.  Admittedly, sometimes they (the EDs) are not good at telling people the results of their tests but the results should be available to you.  I suggest that you call and find out what tests were done, the results, and specifically what treatment you received at both or your visits.

From what you say, it sounds to me like the first time you were seen you were treated with ceftriaxone (the injection) and azithromycin (the 4 pills).  This is recommended therapy which would treat gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU, the most likely cause of your urethral discharge,  I suspect the 2nd time you were also treated with ceftriaxone but I am less sure as to what the pills might have been, perhaps doxycycline which is also highly effective.

As for continued symptoms, the major possible causes might be trichamonas (far less likely than the other causes) or something other an STD.  To have this evaluated, the best place to go would be your local health Department STD clinic.  In most places, these are the folks most prepared to evaluate complaints such as yours. For you, in addition to the possibility of more tests for specific Bactria, I would suggest the a urethral gram stain would be VERY helpful, looking for signs of inflammation.

As for your specific questions:
1.  What is the likelihood that a STD has persisted after the above?
See above.  Unlikely.

2.  For the second oral antibiotic, the instructions were 1 every 12 hours. Sometimes, though, I took the pills 13-13.5 hours apart.  Could that have reduced the antibiotic's effectiveness? .
No, this minor variation in when you took the pills would certainly have no effect on their activity.

I hope my comment are helpful to you. EWH
Hello I read this article and my symptoms are exactly the same. Except I don't have wetness from my urethra. I have had ceftriaxone and azirhromycin, with little to no effect. 8 weeks has gone past and I feel discomfort, heaviness, urinary urgency and tight pelvic muscles. Not sure what to do next?
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