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Syphillis risk?
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Syphillis risk?

Hello Doctor, hope you will understand my bad english.

So one month i met an escort from Thailand and this was our intercourse:

1)Deep kiss

2)Oral sex (just her on me) protected with condom

3)Vaginal sex also in this case protected with condom
So i know everything i described above it's all safe sex.
I'm just a little bit concerned about syphillis (syphilis) transmission, that's because i read on internet (maybe bad idea!), syphillis (syphilis) could be transmitted by oral exposure, so in my case, by deep kissing.
2 day ago i realized of a wound in my mouth (on the palate)with pain when i eat, expecially cold or hot foods and beverages..I went to visit a dentist yesterday and she said that is a burn of palate, in fact she also asled if i ate something hot recently.I said i ate a pizza last wekend with hot cheese, so maybe it was that.

Doctor, maybe i'm just overeacting what is happened to me, but i have this questions:
1)is it possible catch Syphillis (syphilis) from kissing?

2)If yes, the sympthom i described above (burn of the palate with pain just when i eat) can be connected to Oral Syphillis (syphilis)?

3)Do i need to test?

4)Can i have sex intercourse with my wife?Can i kiss her?

Thanks for your help!

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Welcome to the Forum.  Your situation, like that of many of our clients represents a great example of the power of the internet not only to inform but also to mislead.  While there is much useful information available on the internet, much of it is also taken out of context or a bit unbalanced and some of it is just plain wrong.  I'll try to help clarify things for you.

Syphilis is spread by direct contact with an infected syphilis sore. These sores are usually visible.  If your partner had a sore, I suppose it is possible to get syphilis, at least in theory, in that way. this however would be most unusual.  Syphilis is, itself a very rare disease and oral syphilis is almost unheard of in adults.  The chances that you have syphilis are very, very low.  On the other hand, syphilis can cause sores in the mouth.  If you wish to be sure, you can go and get a syphilis blood test.  I am confident it will be negative and if it is, you can be completely sure that you do not have syphilis (all persons with sores such as yours would have positive blood tests).

AI will now answer your specific questions:
1.  See above.  Possible yes but very, very rarely.
2.  No.  While syphilis could cause a sore on your palate, syphilis lesions are typically painless, not painful.
3.  See above.  I really doubt that you have syphilis but if you want to be 100% sure instead of just 99% sure, you could have a test.  I am confident that if you chose to get tested, the test will be negative.
4.  I would not worry about contact with my wife if I were you

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Thanks for you answer doctor.Well, my sore on the palate it's already healed, without took any medicine, just a mouthwash for a couple of days.So i'm quite sure this is not Syphillis (syphilis).
Anyway, for my piece of mind, if i wanna get a blood check, is it a  month enough from the exposure?Or i need to wait more?Is a long time i don't check for STD so this can be a good choice, so iwas thinking to do Syphillis (syphilis), Epatitis B and HIV.But for HIV and Epatitis B is it enough just one month from exposure?
Thanks in advance!
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A blood test at this time will be definitive.  If the sore in your mouth was due to syphilis, the blood test would be positive.

For HIV and hepatitis B, the optimal time for testig is 8 weks and 3 months after your last exposure, respectively.  However, the majority of peole would have positive tests within the first month following exposure.  EWH
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