Trichomonas without cheating?
by Arvicari, Apr 11, 2012
I have looked at the older posts and have seen that quite a few people have been in similar situations as mine. I tested positive for Trich and aparantly mu husband tested negative because nothing came in the mail from the health department after he was tested.

I was completely convinced that he had cheated on me and that is how we both got it. Now, I tested positive again and it has been over a month since we both took the treatment and we waited a week afterwards to have sex again. Now he is doubting my fidelity but I have not been with anyone else.

So I am looking for more information as well as other situations similar to mine. I already suspect cheating, who wouldn't? What I am looking for is other possible ways to get this infection. I've read that sharing towels is one way.
What about used but washed underwear? How about laudromats, if the washers are not sanitized or the water does not heat up to a hot enough temp?  Public toilet seats (this one is classic)? How about if a woman can pass it to another woman from the pole at a strip club? Can it live in water? Sewage?

Now here is what my Husband has suggested happened. We bought a sex toy online but it was not sealed in shrink wrap, just in it's unsealed plastic. He thinks it is what gave us the parasite, that it may have been used. for some of these cases it would mean that the parasite would have to be able to live for a lengthy period of time outside of its preferred habitat which as far as I have read is the GI tract of birds (mouths and throats) as well as the vagina and urethra of humans.

There has not been much study into the Trich parasite as far as transmission except for sexual from what I've seen.   It seems to me there is a lot that is not known yet, and that may be causing some relationships unecessary turmoil.

Any and all comments with your knowledge of this STD or your own personal experience are greatly appreciated. I am not trying to determine my husbands faithfulness here as this is not the place. I am trying to gain more knowledge that i have not been able to find by searching. Thank you.
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by JessyJames2010, Apr 11, 2012

Sorry to hear about all this mess.  Try talking to your partner about all this from a sincere point of view.  No blaming or pointing fingers just a mature conversation.  

I hope these links help:

let me know if you want more links...
by Arvicari, Apr 11, 2012
Thank you, I will be checking them all.
by Arvicari, Apr 20, 2012
I just got rechecked today and my OB saw no improvement whatsoever in the infection after taking the 2g. of metronidazole a week ago. I did not get it again because my Husband and i have abstained waiting to sbe sure it clears up. So she has now prescribed to me another 2g dose to be followed by 500mg po bid x 7 days.

She is just baffled by how this infection is not responding to the usual 2g dose. I had it a month ago and it didn't clear up then either which is why I requested to be checked again.

Although she did not see any improvement in the infection I have noticed a slight improvement in the symptoms. Less discharge and improved odor, but abstinence may have something to do with that.

I believe that i have been infected for a long time but just recently became aware of it. My husband and I were separated for 2 years and have been back together almost a year now so most likely I had it when we got back together and now that I am pregnant the little buggers have just gone wild in their now very comfy home.

I have been overly cautious, washing and bleaching my undergarments in boiling water. Washing my pants immedeately after removing them. Towels, washcloths, body scrubbers all bleached or replaced. I am doing all I can to get this cleared up.

I have to go back to what i stated in my original post that there is still a lot more that needs to be learned about this parasite/infection. I hope that there are still studies being conducted regarding transmission, contraction, and treatment as well as where it can live and for how long.

I really hope that our current and future health care providers come across this post to learn a little more, and that others post their situations as well to learn from them.
by gracefromHHP, Apr 20, 2012
also I briefly looked at a few of the links that were posted and not sure they are very helpful :(  here are a few from the std experts forum that might provide some more insight for you :

no need for the excessive laundering and throwing out of towels - you are going way over board.

by cmariequev31, Dec 11, 2013
This post looks a bit old which leads me to wonder if you know anything now that can help me. I also just found out I had this parasite yesterday. My husband has yet to test. I am extremely conflicted because everything I have read online indicates that it is extremely rare to get this by any other means besides sex. My husband is adamant that he has been faithful and he sounds very very sincere. My husband and I do not even drink or go out. My husband is either at work or home and I am always at home or grocery shopping. We have two children and my husband seems entirely wrapped up in being a father...not the least bit interested in doing anything irresponsible. He is so madly in love with our children and so he swore to me on our children that he has not gone outside our marriage.

Everything on the internet says this is an std. The dr told me it is not an std...that it is just a disease that is often transmitted sexually. But I have a feeling she just does not want to be the one to break our marriage apart.