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Unprotected Cunningulus
Hi Doctor
I had cunnilingus with a stripper almost 45 days back. I know it was my stupidity to do such a thing. Infact I feel there was hardly any contact with her vaginal fluid. Since I am not sure if she is infected I was very worried immediately after that. So I got a HIV test done immediately on the next day which was negative. But then later on I read that there is a window period for the symptoms to arise. Infact I don’t see any symptoms since then, but still I was very worried so I got another test done after 40 days which was also negative. I have already posted a topic on this forum, where some one advised me to get tested after 3 months . Do u still recommend me to go for the third test although I don’t see any symptoms after 45 days of encounter. I am really very worried. A response will be highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot
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Your question is on the wrong site.  I will provide you with the best answer I can but further questions about HIV must be asked on the HIV Prevention site.  This site is for questions on STD risk and management questions.  Any follow-ups must be on the other site and, unfortunately will require another charge.

There are no reliable reports of persons letting HIV from oral sex so you are not at risk.  Your test at six weeks (40 days) confirmed this.  You have absolutely nothing to worry about.  EWH
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