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Unprotected sex, symptoms afterwards! could i be worrying myself into f...
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Unprotected sex, symptoms afterwards! could i be worrying myself into feeling them?

this is a bit of a long one, so please bare with me . . .

last week i went on holiday and had unprotected sex with a man 5 times over 3 days.
Each time he 'finished' on me, apart from once, when he 'finished' in me.

Over this week i got ill (from the food, or being out in the sun too much) and just had a sore stomach, also, due to drinking alcohol etc, i felt a little groggy each morning.

I have no real symptoms of an STD other than feeling sick, and on the flight on the way home i got a ridiculously sore throat, it felt swollen and tight (even though it didn't look it).

Im still feeling a little off, with a tender throat and stomach today, after flying home last night.

I cannot stand flying, and there was awful turbulance, so i know my anxiety was high and i was very tense and panicky throughout the entire day and flight.

I know technically it is possible to have caught an STD, but im just looking to see what the chances of it are, or if it seems my worrying is making me feel ill?
Waiting two weeks to get tested, as recommended by my local clinic, is going to kill me and worry me even more!

Thankyou in advance
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**Also, i generally just feel a little 'eurgh' - tired, and weak(ish)
((basically, imagine how you feel after an average night out in the morning))
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Symptoms don't indicate a STD but I would advise on testing.

Gonorrhea and chlamydia-1 week
herpes and HIV-3 months

Use condoms
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