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Urine Bleeding
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Urine Bleeding


For the last 2 days, i experience urine bleeding at the end of urinate. I went to urologist on the 1st day and he gave me cravit levofloxacin for 5 days hence am still under medication.  

I told him that i had unprotected sex last week (6 days before i went to doctor) and he suggested me to take that medication first and perform another urine test afterwards.

Based on own research, there are 3 main possibilities:

Could anyone advise or happen to hav the same symptom before?

NB: i do not see any green or yellow discharge.

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Hi and welcome, symtoms (symptoms) of the above, 5 days after contact, would be itching at first then burning when urinateing, then white discharge. With the uritius , would be itching but more of a clear liquid as this is just an irritation.
If you blood is showing up after urinating. it seems to be coming from the last source, which is your bladder.
If you dont have any itching in your urethrea that a good sign you dont have any of the ones your listed.
Always have protected sex.
Hi life360 thanks for the response,

Yes i dont hv any itching on urethrea except on the tip of my penis.

To be more precise, i (male) had unprotected vaginal and oral sex last week and as remembered she had "stomatitis aftosa" on her mouth.

My initial urine test result shows proteins and increasing leukocyte. I informed this to my urologist and he said yes i got infection and just continue to finish up cravit levofloxacin. When asked him about possibility of STD he said it's too early to conclude and i must take the 2nd urine test after medication.    

Also in the urine test result, I do not see any Chlamydia and Gonorrhea test being done yet. do you think i need to see STD expert while still on urologist medication?

Appreciate your time.
Hi, gono and clym test 5 days or so after contact.
     syphilis  6 weeks
     herpes, hiv and hep   3 months
I would stick with the current doc. He most likley gave you the meds for the gono and clym and will retest you.
Just stay with him

Again, no itching is a good sign. The tip could be from your constant checking and  pulling. That first 1/8 inch in could be irritated.
since you have already treated with antibiotics, you will need to delay when you retest for some std's.  Wait a full 2 weeks after you have finished your antibiotics and then seek out testing for gonorrhea, chlamydia, trich and ngu.  Even though the antibiotic you are on doesn't treat any of these very effectively, it can cause false negatives on testing so it's well worth doing all the right testing later on.

is blood in your urine usually std related? no it is not. continue to follow up regularly with your urologist and if you still have blood in your urine after 72 hours of taking your medication, return to be seen again.

since yesterday there is no more sign of blood... and no itchy. I will take ur suggestion and finish up the antibiotics.

Grace >> apparently the bleeding has stopped within 48 hours after taking antibiotics.. i will also take ur suggestion to perform urine test after 2 weeks.

thanks all.. i will update again once i got progress
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