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Very Wierd Smell
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Very Wierd Smell

When I have sex with my boyfriend most of the time I have a very strong tangy smell. Only during sex. I do not have any type of burning nor itching. Just the smell that is strong. I've been to the doctor and I was neg. for Clymidia and I didn't have a yeast infection. This smell is annoying and it makes me uncomfortable. Also sometimes when we have sex I bleed a little bit afterwards and I'll think that I'm starting my period, but I don't. That doesn't always happen. Sometimes when he goes deep and hard inside me I have bad cramps afterwards and when his penis hits against my cervix it sends sharp pains into my lower abdominal area. What could be wrong with me??? I would greatly appreciate any help you could give. Thanking you in advance for your time.
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It is possible you have bacterial vaginosis, an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina.  The most common symptom of BV is odor, particularly a "fishy" smell, which often is most prominent after sex.  This is because the chemicals that cause the odor are released into the air when alkali (base, opposite of acid, if you remember your high school chemistry) is added to the vaginal fluid--and semen is alkaline.

See a  gynecologist, or your local health department STD or family planning clinic.  Treatment is available.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Once you have been checked for bacterial vaginosis (if you are free of it) you could make some dietary changes to alter your vagina's smell.

Here are some things many people believe will make a vagina smell (and taste) sweeter and more pleasant:

Acidic fruits
Naturally fermented alcohols
fruit and fruit juices, especially pineapple and apple juice,
Other fruits
quality alcohol
drink plenty of water
vegetarian diets
citrus juice
pineapple juice
celery juice
sweet melon.
high carbohydrate diet

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