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Watery penile discharge...
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Watery penile discharge...


For a while, I'm having penile watery discharge instead of the usual sticky seminal liquid, when having sex. It's watery, cloudy and not viscous at all. Also I had premature ejaculation problems. And if I have a second ejaculation right after, the seminal liquid usually becomes sticky again, as if the bad liquid (pus?) had been drained out. But on the next day, there's the same problem.

I have had this problem for more many years, but it took me a long time before I decided to consult a doctor for that. I guess I trivialized the problem because i just a got a new job and I thought it might be caused by stress or something. But the symptoms magnified with time. I lost all libido and had premature (uncontroled)  unpleasant ejaculations.

Useless to say that it messed up my previous long term relationship.

Also many other symptoms evolved at the same time:
I have a recurrent feeling of discomfort in the rectum. From time to time, I also feel dull pain to my testicles and at the tip of my urethra. And I also developped pain in the whole pelvic area, sometimes extending to my low back. And also, I developped irritable bowel syndrome.

Now, I'm in the process of consluting doctors and doing research on the internet to find out what it is. I made most of the STDs tests, they were negative (gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV). According to the urologist I've seen, it would be a chronic prostatitis. In the first urine culture analysis, they found nothing abnormal. The doctor immediately concluded it was a non-bacterial prostatitis and just told me to cut down on coffee, spicey food, alcohol and tobacco and come back in 6 months. It's a good advice but I fear that it was a hasty diagnosis.

According to what i read on the web about that:
-Watery penile discharge and PE are symptoms of BACTERIAL
-Urine analysis doesn't reveal all bacterial prostatitis, they need to analyse seminal liquid..

Should I ask for a second opinion and prostate secretion analysis?
I had a fungal infection on the penis several years ago, it disappeared on its own, but could it be related?
Could it be a hidden STD?
How to know what's the cause of this?

Thank you for your help!

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Your std tests were negative.  You should post in the urology forum here for more help.

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