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What STD do I have? And how do people catch it from me?
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What STD do I have? And how do people catch it from me?


Three weeks ago, I had unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a female...

Since then, I had the STD checkup of urinal test, blood sample, and cotton swab urethra test a week after intercourse and I started to feel symptoms...

My symptoms include white/yellow/green discharge, painful urination, swelling in one testicle, and most worryingly white/red sores/craters on the head of the penis.

I recently applied TCP to the sore/blister things and I think they got worse and bigger.

My doctor suggested I should have waited perhaps another week as test results could still come out as negative, though obviously I wanted to get tested ASAP.

When I pulled back my foreskin for the cotton swab urethra test I noticed the white/red sore/blister/craters and these appeared after about a week..

Though, I have to wait 1-2 weeks for results. I think I must either have Chlymadia, Gonorheea or Genital Warts..

I have since not done anything sexual with a female, and have only masturbated.
Though, I have done the following and I am now worried about friends and family....

My questions are whether a person could catch an STD from me by...

- Sharing a bed
- Toiletseat
- Sharing a bathtub
- Towels
- Sharing a paddling pool
- Peeing in the paddling pool/ Watersports
- Doorknobs
- Anything I've touched.

Cheers thanks very much.

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Also. I think I might possibly have Genital Herpes... As I found a core sore on the lip as well.
Though. Genital Herpes has no cure... It does slowly go away doesn't it?
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Your symptoms sound like chlamydia, and/or gonorrhea.  And a syphilis lesion or herpes.   I'll keep my fingers crossed that you are gential (genital) herpes negative.  You last concern about other's catching it from you: You cannot pass STDs to someone in any of the items/ways you listed.   Do NOT have sex with anyone until you know your full STD status and are treated.  Herpes blisters go away, they can come back (an outbreak).

Though you've got test results waiting, I hope you have been treated already.  Hang in there.

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