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Whats up with my extremely swollen foreskin?
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Whats up with my extremely swollen foreskin?


Im a man of 41 years old that has not been circomsized.Im at the moment travelling around China.

It’s been about 3 weeks since I had unprotected sex. It was with a girl I know, but she has had 3-5 other sex partners the last year. As far as I know only one of them was without condoms.

Two nights ago as I was about to go to bed I noticed that my foreskin was getting swollen. Under the foreskin I found there was some clear liquid. I wiped off the liquid, but it reappeared again. It didn’t have any pain, smell or colour that was noticeable. When I woke up today the foreskin was much more swollen and it had stuck behind the head of the penis. It looked like a balloon-tire surrounding the head. In appearance it reminds me of something like a big (Bright red) blister all the way around the head. The size of the swelling on foreskin around behind the head was maybe something like 0, 5 cm with a bit ticker underneath. Still there was no pain.

The doctor at the Chinese hospital finally agreed to se me (without having to wait the whole day) after I had slipped him some bills. He claimed that it was "small infection” nothing to worry about, and it would normally retract in a few days. I had to ask to get him to write the prescription for Antibiotics. (2 different ones: Amoxicillin for 3 weeks and another one without the name for 2 days). He also gave me some cream for the foreskin (Muprocin ointment) When I got back to the hotel I had a look and to me it seemed it had grown even more. Now it was almost 1cm around behind the head with a big roundish lump of maybe 2cmØ underneath. By know it the liquid behind the head had dried out and thre was still no pain other than the tenderness of my forehead rubbing on my underpants. "My favourite toy" seemed to be otherwise fine!

After 24 hours the swelling still hadn’t subdued. By reading up on the internet I came to that what I was most lightly suffering from was something they call “paraphimosis”. The next chapter had something about how the condition could stop the blood flow to the head, with the following gangrene risk. After reading that, I put some sugar on the swelling to retract as much water as possible (also from the internet). After about an hour of sugar treatment I was able to go in the shower and somehow force the foreskin back over the head. This was about Two hours ago. Now I has a big lump/blister about 2cmØ in front of the head, but at least the head is pulled back under the foreskin. I have covered the swelling with sugar again, but it’s having little to no effect this time.

I just wonder if anyone knows of anything else I can do to treat this?

Im also looking for answers on what may be the source of the problem?
Could it be a sexual transmitted disease, and in that case witch one?
Allergic reaction? I have used many cheep hotel soaps in Asia!

The antibiotics don’t seem to have had to much effect should I continue taking them? As far as I know the infections normally doesn’t develop this fast, and every time I had and infection it always was some pain involved?

I also would like to take the opportunity to thank anyone for taking an interest. And especially to those who has experience with this and take the time and care to answer.

A worried guy travelling in China, where the medical system and language is a big challenge.

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