White Tongue/Bad Breath after oral sex
by CarlT, Mar 02, 2010
Back story, I have been seeing a girl for about a week, from what i know and heard she's a good girl. Long story short she has some bad breath, and i figured i could stick it out bc i like her. But after performing oral sex on her for the first time, i have noticed my tongue has been turning white, my breath has been getting noticeably worse. NOW heres what scares me. the day after the oral i noticed some sores in my bottom lip, inside my tongue, and a white little dot (looked like a raised taste bud that was white, and was tender to the touch)

MIND YOU I am a smoker, and have had sore lips and sore on the tongue in the past, rarely (been smoking more bc of being laid off)

the sores are not open, more like a little bead (had those before - i assume from smoking because its in the general area where the cigarette touches my lips AND I was tested a few weeks ago for everything and AM CLEAN)

the whiteness on the tongue didn't come off when i brushed, i have been using mouth wash, and the sores Inside the lip lasted ALMOST 2 days, and the sore on the tongue is just about gone, been about 4 days.

Just freaking out, maybe i shouldn't be, just bad timing with everything? have read it could be yeast infection, thrush, a few others. what would you guess would be closest to my issue? Thanks in advance
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by CarlT, Mar 02, 2010
wanted to say there was only one sore on the tip of my tongue very small but very noticeable when touched or rubbed around the mouth bc of the tender-ness.
by Vance2335Blank, Mar 03, 2010
My guess would be yeast, but see a Dr.