White patches on tonsils after oral sex for the first time...?
by freakingoutbad, Oct 23, 2012
A little over a week ago I gave someone oral sex (and deepthroated) for the the first time. The next day my muscles were sore but I figured it was from deep throating. Exactly a week later I noticed my tonsils covered in white patches and they're semi irritated. I called my PCP and she tested me for strep which came back negative. I told her about my interactions and she still insisted it was nothing that worries her and that it was "food debris". I constantly check my mouth and throat in the mirror and I have NEVER had white patches on my tonsils (other than the solid tonsil stones that I have to actually DIG out in order to see). I called my gyno to see if she could do more testing for a second opinion and I'm waiting for a call back. My doctor nearly refused to test for stds and brushed this aside. Am I overreacting and this will go away on its own or where should I be going for the proper testing?

Please help I fear I may never act sexually again!!!
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by freakingoutbad, Oct 23, 2012
Freaking out....BAD
by gracefromHHP, Oct 23, 2012
your gyn isn't the best provider to follow up on this with.

many viral infections that are non-std related also cause these symptoms. at this point you can seek out oral std testing from your local std clinic if you need the peace of mind. otherwise if symptoms aren't gone in 2 weeks, see your provider again.

by sekaiend, Oct 26, 2012
I've had white patches on my tonsils before, and had a sore throat at the same time. It was just tonsillitis and it went away within a week or two. Tonsillitis can appear rather quickly, and is easily treated. It's non-STD related. You can go and get oral STD checking for your own peace of mind, but I'm sure you'll be ok. I highly doubt it's "food debris.". That doctor seems to not know what they're talking about. If you're not better within a couple weeks, make an appointment with your family doctor, and demand testing or figuring out what's wrong with your throat.
by freakingoutbad, Oct 26, 2012
Sore bumps have appeared on the back of my tongue now. I'm going to see another doctor Thursday, I hope they give me a better answer than "your tonsils are naturally large and will always have these white patches, it's food debris". Can't stand another minute of this wondering!