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Worms inside vagina, serious please help
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Worms inside vagina, serious please help

one of my friend used  her pencil case for masturbating for some times, after each use she washed outside case and yesterday she noticed her fuild collected inside the plastic pencil case through the hole on the top was not properly washed and they turn in to white worms.

She is now in a great shock, she is in full of tears and keep asking me what will happen to the worms entered inside the vagina?

I will much appreciate if you consider this serious matter and proper adivce given.


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My advice will be for her to see a doctor and speak to the  doctor about this.
because if the worms did get in, then it will be terrible.
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emma, relax jhone is just teasing. Nothing if they did get in whcih they were probably tiny they would die or just washed out by urine, i dunno they just wouldnt survive in your friends vagina. No need to see doctor jhonneedhelp is a PINCHI PENDEJO
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Jedispider...are you a mental retard? 1. You do not urinate through your vagina. If you haven't noticed, there are two holes in the vagina (if you haven't noticed by now, i fear you are a lost cause). You can't possibly shove anything up the urinary tract as this would involve you rolling into a little ball and dying from pain.
2. If she used a pencil case, which is gross by the way, and it contained worms, which is also just as gross, they have entered into the mouth of the vagina and could go as far as her womb. A doctor's opinion and this stage would be crucial if not detrimental.
Emma: I suggest that you stop using a Non-de Plum and see an OBGYN immediatley as the worms could be eating away at your ovaries this very minute. Jedispider: If you are a woman, please hand your vagina in immediatley and do not proceed to give anyone any advice on the body.
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Please, arguments will not solve anything. My advice is to see your Doctor as soon as possible. The worms you see may be pinworms, these are treatable. And I would not advise masturbation with that type of object. Take care.
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Yes, there is no call for insults or judgements here.

Also check the dates of these threads.  The original post is Nov 07.  I'm guessing that whatever happened to the person has long since happened, and has long since been taken care of.

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Omg, I dont know why you would be using that type of instrument to get your self off in the first place but, you need to rethink it, and if their are worms inside there ,you need to seek immediate attention.....Something horrible could take place
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What she has is more than likely Pin Worms also known as Thread Worms.Although they are usually found in the anus, they can migrate to the vaginal region of a female. you will need medicine to kill them it comes in a pill and you take two doses, two weeks apart.
P.s. the thing girls do... I thought it was just us boys
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i agree because  i was reading abt  and it says exzactly wwhat ur tlkin abt that they just die out  cuz its actually happining to me and i hope the just die out
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this post is 5 years old!!!

please pay attention to the dates when replying :)
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In my opinion As a young girl in the sex trade in Ethiopia I experienced many STD's. Most Ethiopian women  like me eat raw meat (local custom) and eating raw meat always gives me worms in my Vagina. It's when I pull out over 10 full grown worms out of my Vagina in one setting gets me worried and I go to the clinic and get medicine. If you pull out less then 10 worms don't worry
Yeshet Gobena
Avatar m tn
Please look at the date of the original post, this is from 2007.
Avatar m tn
if worms r present in vagaina Its called MYIASIS.....Myiasis is a parasitic infestation caused by the larvae of several
species. The infestations reduce host physiological functions;
destroy host tissues,
[ Local examination reveals healthy vulva. There is complete
prolapse of uterus and vagina. The external OS of cervix is lying 7
cm outside the intriotus. The cervix is hypertrophied and the
external OS is stenosed. The cervix is otherwise normal. There is a
large cauliflower growth measuring 10 x 8 cm 2 arising from right
lateral vaginal wall closed to the bladder. The center of the growth
is covered with necrotic tissue and it bleeds on touch. Foul
smelling blood stained discharge from the growth is noticed.
Numerous maggots (larvae) are seen under the sloughs that
invaded the surrounding tissue. The base of the lesion appears to
be indurated, and the lesion is encroached to right lateral bladder
wall (cystocele). There is a large rectocele and enterocele present.
The prolapse is irreducible due to the vaginal growth and tissue
The patient is admitted for investigation and treatment. Her routine
hematological examinations reveal moderate anemia, high total
leucocytes count, and neutrophilia. Her urine analysis indicates the
presence of infection. She is not diabetic and her renal function is
normal according to age. Her VDRL test is nonreactive and HIV
test is negative. The histopathological evaluation of the biopsy of
the vaginal growth proves poorly differentiated squamous cell
carcinoma along with acute inflammation. The entomological
evaluation of larvae could not be done due to lack of facility. So
the final diagnosis is made to be the irreducible procedentia with
squamous cell carcinoma of vagina with myiasis.
[Myiasis is a condition resulting from the invasion of tissues or
organs of man or animals by the larvae of several species of flies.
There are two forms of myiasis: obligate, in which the maggots
feed themselves on living tissues, and facultative type, where the
maggots opportunistically take advantage of wounds or
degenerative necrotic conditions to incubate their larvae. [1] There
are three families of flies encountered in myiasis and can be
divided into two groups for comparison of host location strategies:
1. Oestride - they areobligate parasites, they deposit their eggs or
larvae directly onto the host.
2. Calliphoridae and sacrophagidae - they are obligate parasite and
primary facultative parasite, they deposit their eggs or larvae
directly onto the host at some
3. predisposing site, such as those caused by wounding, necrosis. [2]
In general, obligate myiasis of humans is tropical in origin,
whereas facultative myiasis can occur anywhere in the world.
These parasites can be identified by microscopic examination or
developing these larvae to adult flies for entomological
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