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Worried sick about HIV and not feeling well at all...
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Worried sick about HIV and not feeling well at all...


Can anyone please, please help me? I'm in a long term relationship but did a very silly, drunken thing last weekend while my girlfriend was away on holiday. I slept with a guy for the first time. It was a spur of the moment thing and i've been worrying ever since. The guy has told me that it was also his first time with a guy and that he is a clean Hetrosexual but as i don't really know him i am worried that he might be lying to me.

Although i wore a condom for the actual act of penetration and also for him performing oral sex on me there are a couple of other things i am worried about. We started off with a lot of touching and mutual masturbation (there was no kissing) followed by myself licking his testicles while he licked my anus - no unprotected actual oral sex took place but this small amount of oral/genital stimulation is what has been worrying me.

Since that following day i have had terrible stomach cramps, diahorrea and burning of my anus (my throat has become sore over the last day or so too). I went to my local Sexual Health clinic to get checked on the monday morning where they informed me that, as it had only been less than 48 hours there was a good chance that my tests would come back negative regardless of my actual status of infection. Although i told them about the burning/discomfort in my anus and diahorrea they did not swab the area but just did the usual urine test and took a swab from my penis. The results returned to show that i had an increased pus cell count but were unable to say whether it was a general UTI or perhaps Chamydia - it will take two weeks for the results to come back from the labs (i have suffered in the past from recurrent infections and cystitis and was also very de-hydrated on the night in question which might be a cause?). Based on my test results at the time they gave a single dose of Azythromycin as a treatment.

Having read a lot of stuff on the web over the last week i'm pretty freaked out about the whole thing - i didn't know half as much as i thought i did and now that i do, i'm terrified!

Can anyone please tell me, based on what i have described above what i may be at risk of?

I have the feeling that my symptoms might in part just be due the stress and worry of this whole episode and that having read on the net what the symptoms of various conditions are, i am now manufacturing them in my head. But i am also obviously concerned of the real risks i may have exposed myself to aswell.

As i said before, he has assured me that he is a 'clean' hetrosexual and that i was his first experience with a guy, and based on his behaviour on the night that would seem to ring true.

Is it common for symptoms to come on so fast (i.e the next day?) and then to die away again in under three days? Although i was given the dose of Azythromycin on the Monday and it is now Wednesday. Also, as a note i had been suffering a loss of appetite and nausea for a couple of days before this episode and to a certain extent my symptoms are very similar to perhaps having a gastric virus of some sort - the stinging/burning of my anus is somthing i have not experienced before however.

What are the possible risks i may have exposed myself to based on the small amount of oral/genital stimulation i have described above?


It has now been a month since my encounter and my health has not been very good at all in the last week. I have been plagued with bouts of extreme tiredness and vague, non-specific flu-like symptoms, sore throat etc plus some body weakness. I also have symptoms similar to what is described as Reiters Syndrome - pain and swelling in the knee, and in particular, the big toe on my left foot. I also appear to be losing weight (although i am VERY stressed out about this whole thing). I have abdominal pain which appears to be more centered around my bowel and intestinal area than my groin, although i do have some discomfort in my prostate area and my testicles feel slightly swollen at times. I also have a small discharge from my penis of a clear sticky-ish liquid but no real burning when i urinate or any increased frequency of urination or desire to.

I am absolutely petrified that i may have contracted HIV from my encounter - although i know that it is not 100% accurate i am planning to get tested at the six week mark with the hope that my results will be clear.

In the meantime, any advice anyone can give me would be greatly and gladly received - i am very scared about all of this and could really do with some help.


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