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Zithromax effectivness after food
I was perscribed 2 grams of Zithromax for a positive Gonorrhea test.   I had a small sandwich and 20 minutes later took my 4x500mg tablets.  Of course, then I read I was to wait 2 hours until eating a meal.   About three hours after taking the Zithromax I had diarrhea.  

My question....   Could I have comprimised the effectivness of the Zithromax by taking it so close to a meal?  Also did I pass these medication when I had the diarrhea?  

Not a pleasant topic, but thanks in advance for any information.
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The effectiveness of azithromycin is not changed by eating, either shortly before or after taking the medication.  This has been studied by the manufacturer and the amount of drug that gets into your body is the same with or wothout food.  

BTW,the dairrhea you experienced is a well described and relatively common side effect of the asithromycin as well.  It will not have a negative effect on your treatment either,  

Your gonorrhea has been well treated.  Take care.  EWH
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