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bumps on tongue
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bumps on tongue

I have had bumps on the base of my tongue on the lateral edge for some time.

these bumps have white dots near them that expand into thing white rings.

these bumps are most prominent at the base /back of my tongue.

last year i went to my doc and told him i thought it was thrush, he didn't agree and told me it was nothing.

at this time, i was tested for diabetes and hiv - both tests came back negative.

a while later, i asked another doc, he put me on antibiotics for the stuff and after about 2-3 weeks, the white rings spread all over my tongue.

from there, they spread all over the roof of my mouth, then cheeks, then eventually to my gums, tonsils, and uvula... it was horrible, i was unable to eat and started to rapidly lose weight.

over the last few months, my medic tried ketoconazole (for months), nystatin (2 full 10 day courses), and gentian violet (for about 4-5 days) - with no results... which led to this point.

then i tried 100mg daily for 10 days of fluconazole, the symptoms started to rapidly fade, then slowly taper to near non-existence toward the 10th day.

then i moved to itraconazole, it looks like 400-500mg daily for 10 days. the symptoms (which were only about 3-4 pinpoint spots on my gums and tonsils at this point) faded completely by day 4.

I was feeling so happy... for the first time in so long, i was free of these sore spots that cover my mouth.

i am now on day 9 of itraconazole. it looks like the bumps on the base of my tongue are back and the white rings are starting to spread down the lateral edge of my tongue again.

i will take my 10th and final dose of itraconazole tomorrow.

I have another 10 day course of fluconazole that i will try to take after this to see if i can finally beat this thing.

my diet is limited to only grilled lean meat and green veggies.

I have a diabetic friend, he lets me test my sugar from time to time. My sugar after eating is always good. My most recent test was 91 2 hours after eating.

I am SO tired of this - please help if you can.
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Try posting in ear, nose and throat. This has nothing to do with a STD.
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