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degree of risk for hepatitis
I recently visited an asian spa about twelve days ago and received a hand job. Now I am paranoid that
I caught hepatitis because I am experiencing symptoms that I have read online such as darker urine and a little stomach pain. I am so stressed out that I am working up an ulcer and am waitng for blood work and urine tests to come back. Should I be experiencing symptoms this quick or can stress effect your bowels and urine and mirror other stomach pains? I also read that you can catch hepatitis in the air and by touching. My doctor thinks I will be alright, I sure hope so. Thanks for your input!
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Welcome to the Forum.  I would encourage you to listen to your doctor.  No STDs, including hepatitis are transmitted by masturbation. Furthermore, your symptoms are non-specific an are far, far more likely to be due to your anxiety (guilt) over this exposure than hepatitis.  Your question suggests that you have been tested.  I am confident the tests will be negative.  Please believe them when you get them. No further testing is needed.  EWH
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