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fingered girl with HPV warts
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fingered girl with HPV warts

i have read, reread and read again most of the posts regarding hpv and fingering.

i fingered a girl with known hpv warts (after having read on this site that fingering was safe)
she had undergone treatment 2 months ago, but believes that some warts remain.
she has also complained about a burning and itching sensation, all other std tests are negative, (9 months post infection for her)

my concern is that I now have small white spots in the finger brush area?? where the fingernail meets the finger.
i have seen only one picture of hpv of the finger( and i know that other sites are not reliable),
the picture has scared me ( i cannot even verify its authenticity) but it looks very similar to the small spots on my fingers.

i used both hands, when fingering, spots are on all fingers.
plus my hands are burning and itching( just like her genital area was)
the more i think about it, the more it burns.

is this is my head? i cannot find images of hpv on the finger?
can i transmit hpv2 (genital) from my finger to another womens genitals if she does not have hpv?
can i give my self hpv from my hand to my genitals?
am i the rare case of getting genital hpv on the finger?
please help,

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Welcome to the STD forum.

The HPV types that cause genital warts (mostly HPV-6 and -11) rarely if ever cause warts elsewhere.  And in 30+ years in the STD business, I have never seen or heard of finger warts due to genital wart strains (despite thousands of patients who fingered their partners with warts).  And it is very unlikely warts would appear on many fingers simultaneously. You should see a dermatologist about the white spots you see on your fingers, but I will be very surprised if they turn out to be warts.

Is this "all in your head"?  Only you can judge that.  Certainly there can be no psychological cause for "white spots" of the fingers. But if you aren't sure the spots are real or abnormal, maybe this is a possibility.  Whenever a person believes his or her own symptoms have a psychological origin, usually s/he is correct.

Could you conceivably transmit HPV to your own genitals or a future sex partner?  Conceivably yes, if you really have warts of the fingers.  Hand-genital contact is very low risk for HPV transmission, but nobody can say it is impossible.  However, I really wouldn't worry about it, unless and until a health professional makes a definite diagnosis of warts of your fingers.

Regards--  HHH, MD
Many thanks for your reply.

Is burning and itching a symptom of hpv in the hands?   Since the woman i fingered had burning and itching in the genital area,  would that same strain cause burning and itchig in the whole hand if it had transmitted to the hand?

Her warts were flat warts?  The small bumps tiny bumps on all my fingers are not "wart like" they look like small white pustules/pimples?

Thanks again
Correction,  sorry the white bumps on my fingers are flat,
my point Is what does hpv2 on the finger brush look like?  And is burning and itching part of hpv?

Burning and itching are sometimes reported as symptoms of warts, but they are not.  Genital warts usually are entirely without symptoms except for the bumps themselves.  No STD can cause a burning feeling on the hands.  My guess is that nothing is wrong with your hands.  But see a health care provider if you disagree.

Warts have lots of different appearances, and there is no difference for one HPV type or another.  (Your partner's warts were due to HPV-6 or -11; HPV-2 does not cause genital warts.)

I'll be happy to comment further if and when you report what a health professional says about your hand and fingers.  Until then there will be no further replies.
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