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Dear Drs.

I have a gf for roughly 2 years but have however experimented in the past with men. I have had protected anal sex with 5 men, 4 one off, the other maybe 4 times.

I have also received fellatio unprotected, from the men as well as a couple more guys and I have performed it 2-3 times (I swallowed once).

These experiences I regret and I am trying to work past them. I have been tested for HIV, Clym, Gon, Syp, Hep A,B,C. All negative and never displayed any symptoms of anything else.

I have had protected sex with my gf for roughly 75% of our relationship - at the beginng protected, then no for a couple of months, then back to condoms).

I was worried about giving anything to her, namely clym and ghon.

My experiences have ranged from four yeas ago and the most recent was Nov 10 and nothing since as I regret what I have done and am focusing on my relationship.

My tests were from Nov 10 and repeated in Feb, March, April, and May of 2011. I had both urine and throat swabs for clym and gon

I was just worried that I would have had clym and ghon in the past and it would have resolved itself before the testing. I am worried that during the time we have had unrptoected penetrative sex, I could have had something and given it to her. I hope I make sense.

Because all the penetrative sex was protected, I would nt be able to catch clym or gon. My worry is from the exposures where I have received the blow jobs. Can ghon and clym be transmitted from the givers throat to my penis?

Also, I have given a few **'s (3-4) in the past 4 years, what is the chance I would have catched something. and if I had something, could I pass it to my gf when performing cunninlingus on her? I was told by a doc that it is indeed exceptionally unlikely that I could pass it to my gf via c'lingus because of the fact the bacteria sit in the cervix which does not get reached during oral sex? but if we had intercourse after it, could the bugs be carried in saliva? I hear saliva kills the bugs?
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Welcome to the Forum. Your long post describes a number of experiences with men and women, some protected, some not which now have begun to worry you.  Importantly however, as I read your description, it appears that you were tested in February, March, April and May of this year and these tests have been negative.  Believe those results.  While, given the fact that most people do not have STDs and that many of your encounters were condom protected, it is unlikely that you have had an STD.  Even if you have, with time, many STDs do clear without therapy.  Either way, the fact, as demonstrated by your test results, is that you do not have these STDs at this time and therefore, unprotected sex does not represent a threat for your partner at this time.  EWH
Also, I meant to ask as I am greatly worried by this:

Can clym and gon clear up without antibiotics and also in what time frame?
Thanks Dr. I hope you can answer my follow up questions please.

1) What I would like to know if, if I had gon or clym, and I think the chances of that are zero, the last time my gf perfomred fellatio on me was months if not a year (she doesnt like it) ago, if I were to have had penil gon and clym, is it easy for her to catch? I heard clym doesnt live well in throat and so doesnt get transferred and gon would clear up in a matter of weeks? she has never had any symptoms either in her throat or vagina.

2) also, if I were to have had clym in throat (which would be unlikely) and gon if I perfomred cunnlingus on her, how easily transmitted is it?I mean, as I said, if the bacteria rest in cervix, and saliva kills the bacteria, is it not extrmeely difficult to transmit it orally?

3)  if she were to have had it, would it clear up within a matter of months? the fact that I have been tested for it, yet I have had uprotected oral sex with her, to me makes it unlikely she has it, as I would probably have caught it by now and my tests since nov have been negative.

4) and lastly, the reason I am worried is due to the effects clym and gon can have e.g. ectopic pregancies and infertility. Is that a realisitc concern or are the health websites being overly conservative? I worry, but after reading several posts, websites like CDC are just overly conservative (e.g. in relation to HIV testing times and window periods)

thanks doctor, I appreciate your good work.
I jsut want to re-iterate all anal sex where I was on 'top' was protected - the oral sex was where I received fellato and gave it 3-4 times, was not.
Your questions were answered and trying to break them into smaller questions will not change the bottom line- you do not have an STD, as proved by your tests an your partner is not at risk.  

Short repetitive answers:
1.  Her risk for gonorrhea is low an her risk for chlamydia is virtually zero. This is not something to worry about.

2.  Chlamydia rarely, if ever causes throat infections and when persons have throat infections with gonorrhea these are rarely transmitted by oral sex.  

3.  Yes, when people have gonorrhea throat, the inections tend to clear up on their own over just a few weeks.

4.  In your situatioon, consequences like infertility an ectopic preganancy are not realistic concerns from the exposures you describe.  


Thanks Dr. I greatly appreciate your time and patience.

Out of sheer curiosity cases of infertility and ectopic pregancy, are they grave extremes that do not happen very often? I mean there is are so many bacterial bugs going around so I would imagine that these consequences are extremely extremely rare?

i look at it from this point of view. It is indeed excptionally unlikely tht I have ever hd clym or gom:

1) most people do not have one.
2) most exposures do not lead to infection - do you have any statistics roughly on oral exposures? e.g. under 1 in a couple thousand.
3) i have never displayed any symptoms at all over the period of 4 years.
4) and even if i were to have had one, orally clym and gon clears up by itself, and if i were to have had it on my penis, it would be hard for my gf to catch orqlly, and even if she did have it oraly or in her vagina, it would clear up in time without treatment.

i appreciate your help, and hope you will answer my last questions and that will definately be it. Thanks!

Last answers:

1.  Correct.
2.  There are no data on how often oral exposure leas to transmission.  As I said (twice already), It uncommon, This makes it difficult to study with precision.  
4.  Correct again.

This thread is over.  EWH
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