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Hello Doctors,

I am a male 20 years old and had unprotected oral sex twice with the same escort in London in October 2012, then I had protected sex with a sex worker on the 23rd of November 2012, that was the first time for me to have sex, then I became extremely worried about contracting HIV and HSV 2 "genital Herpes", I went for many HIV ( DUO AT 6 WEEKS- DUO AT 62 DAYS- DUO TEST AT 6 MONTHS- DUO TEST AT 10 MONTHS AND ANOTHER DUO TEST AT 10 MONTHS AS WELL) and full STD's screen at 10 months, all were negative.

Also I had HSV test at almost 3 months at Freedomhealth clinic, it was negative for HSV2 and Positive for HSV1 and the Doctor told me I am fine, and another HSV test at almost 10 months from the protected sex in a clinic in London and the result was the same, Positive for HSV1 and negative for HSV2 and the test was "IGG".

And I know that HSV1 is normal and I am fine with that I am just concerned about the HSV2 , so my questions are:

-Can anyone gets HSV2 from receiving oral sex?
-Can I be confident that I have not contracted HSV2 from the unprotected oral sex and the protected sex I had last year? are my test conclusive? do I need to o for another herpes test?
- And can I be confident that I am HIV negative?

I am really worried Doctor, please help me.

Many thanks
Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question.

London's Freedom Health Clinic provides world class sexual health services; they are every bit as expert as we are on this forum.  (MedHelp's international STD and HIV forums are moderated by one of FHC's senior physicians.)  I'm happy to confirm the reassuring advice they gave you.

To your specific questions:

1,2)  How high or low the risk was for HSV-2 is immaterial, since your test results shows you were not infected.  Both results were conclusive; the 10 month results were superfluous.  But for future reference, oral HSV-2 is uncommon, even in sex workers, and when present, there isn't very much asymptomatic viral shedding that can result in transmission.  Therefore, HSV-2 is rarely transmitted from mouth to genitals.  

3) Your HIV result also was conclusive, as I'm sure you were told at FHC.  No testing was necessary after the negative DUO test at 6 weeks.

There really is no cause for you to still be "really worried".  Don't confuse shame, guilt, or regret over a sexual choice with STD/HIV risk.  They aren't the same.  But if these feelings continue, I would advise you to return to FHC.  They will be happy either to directly work with you about these unwarranted anxieties, or help in referral to appropriate counseling.

I hope this has helped.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
Hello Doctor Hunter,

Thank you very much for your reply,

so can I be completely confident that I have not contracted HIV or HSV2? And just to let you know I have not get any symptoms for HSV2.

Best regards,
This is the same question in different words.  Did you think I might have changed my mind in the last hour?
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