jock itch in the marriage
by wifewantssex, Sep 17, 2009
  Can a female get jock itch in her vagina?  If so, how do you treat it?  Can children contract jock itch from the toilet seat from their dad?  How do you convince a husband who has had jock itch on and off for a year to take it seriously and get rid of it?  How can we get all our fungal infections once and for all out of our home?
   Over the past year, my husband has been dealing with on and off outbreaks of jock itch.  It has gotten to the point several times where it becomes invisible but then it'll come back again, first as shiney slick skin, then as pink rashes.  It has never been dark red like the severe pictures on the internet.  At most, it was hot pink at its worst.  
    It didn't seem like he had it on his penis so he wore boxers and we continued intercourse.  But then I would always be nervous about it anyway, so we only did it once a week.  
    Throughout his year of jock itch, he has used OTC sprays like Lotrimin, Lamisil, and Tinactin.  If it said do it twice a day, he would start out twice a day, move to once a day, skip a day, and then discontinue before finishing the recommended course of treatment.  
    Now I am treating him myself with Lamisil cream.
   recently he used "sepia" wash fungicure soap.   After I had sex with him the last two times, my vagina has gone completely dry and my hemorrhoids are out of control.  There's a subtle burning in the vagina, which I am assuming is because of dryness.  Could it be dry because of exposure to sepia which may have still been on his skin?  How can a doctor verify if I have jock itch in my vagina or not?
    I am frightened because using antifungals for the ringworm my husband gave me on my feet hasn't gone so well.  Antifungals seem powerful to me, burning and splitting my skin, and and pressurizing surrounding tissues.  It is less painful to leave the ringworm alone, but then any fungus in the house is not ideal.  I've read everything online about jock itch, please say more than general advice
Welcome to the STD forum.  I'll try to help.  However, I do not believe you and your husband have any sort of STD problem at all.

The quick answer to your main question is that the fungi that cause jock itch -- which are pretty much the same as for athlete's foot -- are not sexually transmitted, at least not in the usual sense.  Because of the body parts affected, it makes sense that sexual partners can share the same fungi -- but if it causes a problem in the second partner, it just shows up as a skin rash; in somen, that means the labia, upper-inner thighs, etc.  Vaginal infection does not occur.

This can seem confusing, since most women have vaginal yeast infections from time to time, and yeast is a kind of fungus.  However, it is an entirely different thing than the ones that cause jock itch.  Your genital symptoms certainly suggest a vaginal yeast infection as a possibility.  However, I doubt your symptoms are related to your husband's apparent jock itch.

Finally, I stress his "apparent" jock itch.  From your description, it sounds like he has made the diagnosis himself and it seems clear the OTC preparations aren't solving the problem.  It is time for him to seek professional care for a proper diagnosis, either from his primary care provider or a dermatologist.  Maybe he has some other sort of genital area skin rash, or a fungal infection that requires a prescription treatment.  In fact, the best approach would be for both of you to visit the same provider to check your genital symptoms at the same time.

But none of your symptoms suggests any STD.  Of course if there are STD risks -- i.e. if either you or your husband has been having sex recently with other partners -- then standard testing would be a good idea.  But from what you say above, I see no reason to suspect any STD.

Please report back with a follow-up comment after you and/or your husband have been professionally evaluated, especially if an STD turns up.

Best wishes--- HHH, MD
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by wifewantssex, Sep 17, 2009
well, nothing as exciting as extramarital sex with possibilities of non-fungal STDs. sorry. ha ha lol.  we're just regular married people.  

thank you for writing so much and answering so many questions.  what were your thoughts on the toilet seat thing? with the children and all? thanks,

No risk from toilet seats, towels, etc and absolutely no risk for kids.  If anything, if your husband's jock itch is the correct diagnosis, there could be a risk of athlete's foot from shared showers and bathtubs.  But that's not something to worry about, since almost all kids get athlete's foot at one time or another.  Just use common sense hygiene, i.e. keep a generally clean bathroom then don't worry about this at all.
by wifewantssex, Sep 17, 2009
Thank you!!!