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Hello Doctor,
                       I’m 32 years old married person. Yesterday I went a strip club and had about 4-5 lap dances. During lap dance, stripper (22 years old) unzipped my pants and pulled out my penis which was still inside my underwear. She rubbed the penis with her hands and continued the lap dance. During the lap dance, my penis was still inside my underwear but out of my pants. She was wearing gstring/bikini kind of underwear. The underwear which I was wearing was more than a year old as I ran out of fresh ones on that day. Also my underwear was little bit wet as I went to the rest room before taking the lap dance. I ejaculated in my underwear during the lap dance.

1. What are my chances of acquiring HIV? Can HIV through her virginal fluids enter into my underwear from her gstring and ultimately reaching my penis (tip)?
2. As I said I was wearing old underwear which was also wet. Would my urine and/or semen (ejaculated in my underwear) allow the virginal fluids to easily enter into my penis through my underwear?
3. Lap dance went on for about 25 – 30 mins.  Would Rigorous rubbing/lap dance and exposure to air kill HIV before it touches the tip of my penis?
4. My penis is uncircumcised. Will this be helpful as the tip of my penis is mostly covered with the skin?
5. What are the chances of acquiring other STD? I took HEP B shot about 9 years ago. Last year before marriage I took all the STD tests (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HSV1, HSV2 & HIV). All tests results were negative.

I’m feeling ashamed of doing this. Guilt is killing me. My wife is coming home next month from California. Please advise.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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Sorry, you have posted on the wrong site.   As you know, questions about HIV belong on the HIV prevention site.  I will do my best to answer your questions with this reply but, if you have additional questions or follow-up they must be on the HIV Prevention site.  Since I am about to tell you that you are not at any risk, I hope you will not feel the need for follow-up questions.  

This was a no risk exposure which puts you at no risk whatsoever for acquisition of HIV or any other STD.  Before I answer your questions, let me point out that it is most unlikely that the dancer you were in contact with had HIV or any STD.  Although such persons are at higher risk for having infections than the general population, the large majority still do not have infection.  Even in the unlikely circumstance that she did have an infection, you do not need to be concerned and do not need testing of any sort. I understand that there is some guilt involved here but you can be confident that while you do need to deal with your guilt, you do  not need to worry about having gotten HIV or any other STD.  As for your specific questions:

1. Zero.  No one has ever caught HIV or any other STD through their clothes.  This is true even if the clothes are were and absolutely soaked with one or the other person's genital secretions.
2.  See above.  Still no risk.
3.  See above.  As you suggest however, HIV is not a very "tough" virus and dies quickly on exposure to room temperature and to air.  Still zero risk however.
4.  Uncircumcised men are actually at slightly higher risk than circumcised men for getting HIV if exposed.  This fact however is irrelevant for you as your exposure was no risk.  Your circumcision status makes no difference.
5.  Also zero.

As I have said a number of time, you are at no risk and do not need any testing for the exposure you describe.  I hope my comments help.  Take care. EWH
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Sorry for posting in STD forum. My questions is more about HIV. How can i move this to HIV forum?
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