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red bumps/lumps on arm
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red bumps/lumps on arm

I am a 30 year old male. have not had unprotected anal/vaginal in many years, but have had unprotected oral sex on 3/4 occasions in past year - with girls of dubious nature shall we say.
Have had red rash on forearms for 4/5 months now. First on the right forearm, then on the left after about 3 months .
The bumps are raised, rough, red and some appear to have a green centre like a zit. A hair focaile raises up through them. the edges appear to fade back into skin colour - a dry skin moat surronds them
They are non itchy, but very noticeable.

They dont appear like any real std descriptions, my only real concern is syphilis as it says a rash can appear anywhere.

I did not notice the chancre in the primary stage anywhere on my body(obviously cant check everywhere).
No rash on soles of arms or feet.
No weight loss or hair loss or flu like systoms.

I know i should get tested but have bailed out twice already. its proably illogicial but im back in a relationship with a very special person - it would be the end for both of us.
I only want to get tested because of her - and how unfair it would be to her.
I have spent hours/days doing research and when i try and step back it appears unlikely to match any descriptions of std's.

But still i have these raised, rough lumps on arm that dont make sense. im terrified because we want kids together - but basically im chickening out.
Yes i understand i should just do the test but im driving my self mad - just need to know what else it can be
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A rash can be so many different things. You need to see a Dr for an exam. a syphilis rash would not last 4-5 months.
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