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risk of STD when getting a *******
I received a ******* (was not wearing a condom) from a sexual worker in moscow. Which STD, if any, I got exposed to and what are the chances that I could have been infected with an STD. I did not have any wounds in my penis. Specifically, is it possible that I could have received an HIV infection in this unprotected oralsex.
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Receiving oral sex is relatively safe and STDs from such exposures are rare.  As for specific STDs, there are a very small number of cases of gonorrhea transmitted this way.  When they occur, they are usually symptomatic, causing urethral discharge and burning on urination.  A little more common is nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) which may present with small amounts of discharge or burning as well.  Syphilis and herpes are only transmitted by people who have sores on their mouths and are rare.  Trichomonas and HIV are almost never tranmitted through oral sex.

Summary, overall risk - low.  HIV risk - close to zero.  WH
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