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saliva and STD
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saliva and STD

Dear Doctor,

I recently (a day ago) received a handjob from an escort and she used saliva as lubrication (several drools/spits around my penis). I can't stop thinking that this was not a safe experience and I am extremely worried. I asked the person whether using saliva was OK and she said yes. She also said that she was clean and checking herself regularly (I work under the assumption that escorts always say that they are clean, so to me her answer does not add any value). I need to add that she was at the same time using a condom-covered dildo and gloved fingers on my butt to stimulate the prostate, but I assume this by itself has no risk involved (is that the case?). So my questions are:

1) What are the chances of contracting any STD with such encounter? Is there a possibility that the saliva may reach the urinal canal? How about the anus? Do I need testing and can I do it now (i.e., a day after encounter)?

2) In general: What STDs can be transmitted through saliva and is "saliva to skin" exposure safe? Despite the stupidity of this conclusion, it appears from those forums that this is a "common practice" among "professionals".

3) Can herpes be transmitted through the above-mentioned encounter? In other words, does somebody else's hand touching you (with their own saliva) by itself conducive to herpes transmission?

4) To add to the hypochondriac story, should I worry about HIV here?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Relax.  No risk. This initial response is after reading only the title you chose for your question and the very first line:  No STD is transmitted by saliva, and hand-genital contact carries no appreciable risk for any STD, even if saliva is used as lubricant.  Unless there is something very unusual in the rest of your question, I doubt my reply will change.

Now I have read the rest of your question.  The direct answers to your questions are:

1) Zero risk, even if saliva got in your urethra or anus.

2,3) None.  Saliva to skin is safe.  Herpes is a theoretical exception; if the escort had an obvious cold sore and used saliva, there might be some slight risk of HSV-1 transmission.  But in 30+ years in the STD business, I have never seen or heard of such a case.

4) Zero risk for HIV.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Thank you so much for the above discussion.Something very similar happened to me last night/this morning and i am worried. The reason being is that i found a condom with a little bit of blood on it.i found the condom this morning.. The escort spat on my penis several times to lubricate it but the condom was first in her mouth so some blood cells were clearly transfered into the mouth?!

Again to emphasise,she didn't touch me with her mouth,it was just a hand job,but still. Could you please explain what risks I am facing and maybe what i can do about it right now?

Thank you so much,
James S.
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