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stds and oral sex
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stds and oral sex

Hello Doctor

I have some questions I have to ask you about stds and oral sex, I have read the hiv forum and posted questions there but really dont know almost anything about other stds.

1. What stds can you get by receiving unprotected oral sex?

2. What symptoms can I expect from these and how long after infection?

3. Which of these stds can be checked by blood tests, and how long after the posible contact,?

4. which of these blood test can I trust,? as once you told me some positive results might be of a long ago infection

5.Which of these stds can I get if the oral is protected?

I want to know about these for posible future events

6. and last,,  17 days ago I received unprotected oral sex. today I noticed a some what irritated and swollen patch right at the side and under the urethra (under but out side the urethra),,, I went to de doctor, he told me it looked like some kind of fungus,, he gave me a prescripiton for this, he said not to worry about stds and that it is posible this has nothing to do with the oral sex 17 days ago,,,, what is your opinion about it? I havent had any other symptom at all, nothing,,, does this sound like any std to you? timing and symptom?

THank you very much Doctor
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Oral sex is an inefficient way to transmit STDs.  Of the bacterial STDs only gonorrhea and nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) are transmitted through oral sex; chlamydia is not and without an obvious sore or lesion on your partner’s mouth, the chances of syphilis and herpes is likewise tiny.   If you had gotten gonorrhea or NGU you would have most likely developed symptoms of urethritis (penile infection) although rarely these infections can be present without symptoms.  Even if your partner had an STD, most exposures (of any sort, not just oral) do not lead to infection.

As for all STD, symptoms of STDs transmitted by oral sex typically begin 3-5 days following receipt.

Finally, regarding the symptoms you report. They are more consistent with a fungal infection than anything else.  Your doctor's assessment is more useful to you than mine since unlike him, I cannot examine you.  Stick with his advice.  EWH

Given the low risk of getting an sTD through oral sex, condom protected oral sex is essentially no risk, deducing whatever low risk might be present by over 99%.
Thank you very much for your answer , as always very useful.

I Just have some doubts about it,, you mention if I have gotten gonorrhea or NGU I would have most likely developed symptoms of urethritis,,
1.which are the urethritis symptoms?,,, will these also usually appear 3 to 5 days following receipt?
2.You mention from oral sex I could only realisticaly get NGU and gonorrhea,,, if I get unprotenctes,oral sex from someone how can I be sure not to get them,,, will blood tests work?
3. Do any symptom at 17 days match any std?
4.This may not be the forum to ask this question,, but will my fungal or any infection that I might have with the symptom I have , will increase by any anything my chance to catch hiv by the oral I received,,, even though I havent had any other symptom.
5. and finally,,, if you were to receive oral by an stranger who is willing to take any test you tell her,, which blood tests will you ask for?

Thank you very much again doctor.

I just realized this is your third post in less than 6 months- I should not have answered it- we donot accept more than 2 posts on our Forums in a six month period in order to give others answers.  Since I started, I will reply briefly to your questions at which time the thread will end.

1. Urethral discharge and burning on urination.  Yes, 3-5 days afteer exposure
2.  No blood tests do not detect them.  A penile swab or urine specimen.
3.  NO!!!!
4.  No fungal infection would not increase risk for HIV
5.  I wouldn't request blood tests.

Thread is over.   EWH
What about hep b?  I think I read somewhere (that seemed like a reliable source) that it is possible to transmit it through oral sex?
And you say that the chance is tiny for herpes or syphillis (syphilis) if you don't see an obvious sore.  So I take that to mean that in most cases you will see herpes sores around the persons mouth?  That it, they are not very common inside ones mouth?  And what about the asymptomatic shedding that I've read about?  And I also read somewhere that it is commonly transmitted through kissing, which isn't that different than oral sex.

Can herpes ever cause a burning/itchy/tingling sensation throughout the genitals without any sores being present?  I read keep reading (even on seemingly reliable, respectable websites) that the symptoms of genital herpes are highly variable (and they tend to provide a list of symptoms, without saying which symptoms would occur concomitantly).

I find the information here from you doctors is great, except it's so scattered due to the question and answer format.  Would be nice if all the questions could be categorized and organized in outline form by someone.
Hepatitis B is not a realistic conern from oral sex.

there is noreason to think this is HSV.  HSV lesions ar etypically external, not internal.  EWH
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