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syphillis, molluscum, herpes,HIV????
Dr. HHH my encounter was safe (one time sex with a woman,I used condom,not oral sex)

3 days after the encounter I found a pimple on base of penis, 2 days later I noticed small blisters around pubic area (approx. 8 of them, 1 mm diameter). At 15 days i went to a general physician, he said: the main lesion does not looks like syphilis chancre, it could be herpes, but i think is only and infection (prescribed to me AMOXIXILINA 875 mg) The main lesion disappear but I still have the blisters

day 21 I took blood tests:
a. PCR DNA test (sorry about that, I have not read this forum at that time)
e. HSV-1/HSV-2

All negative

day 28 i went to an Urologist, he said: looks like Molluscum Contagious, let it takes its course we cannot do anything. A few days later start a rash on my body (itch only a little and not all the time) It is on my arms and legs (the plams and soles are clear, no rash on them). This rash is different from the blisters on the pubic area. I went again to the urologist and now he think it is not Molluscum.
Now is week 6 from the encounter. I took and Acces Home HIV test (on week 5 1/2, 39 days) it came back negative
Since week 2 I have had sore throat, small blisters beside the uvula, redness beside the uvula, may be fever (i am not sure) and one swollen ganglion on the left side of my neck (i still have this symptoms)


1 Can i trust on the results of my tests or i took them too early? what is the window period for the syphilis and other STD?
2 do the symptoms sound like secundary syphilis?  
3 could AMOXIXILINA affect the results for syphilis (false negative)?
4 if I used a condom could I got syphilis from kissing?
5 HSV-1 /2 are realiable or I should be re-tested?
6 Do i need more testing HIV, SYPHILLIS, etc?
7 What kind of physician would be most suitable?


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The blisters you describe at the base of your penis sound most like herpes.  Was the test performed on you for herpes a blood test or a culture or PCR from the blisters themselves?  If it was a blood test, the lesions could still be herpes because the blood test may take several weeks to become positive.  Check on what sort of test for herpes was done.

Are the blisters you describe on the base of your penis now gone?

As for your questions:
1.  The window period for different STDs is different. I would certainly believe the tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia.  Three days can be too early for syphilis, hepatitis and herpes.
2. Your symptoms do not sound like secondary syphilis, especially your sore throat.  Similarly the rash you describe is not typical of secondary syphilis.
3.  Amoxicillin can prevent or cure syphilis.  Your problem however does not sound like syphilis.
4.  No.   Properly used condoms protect from syphilis.
5.  My worry is that at day three you had a blood test for herpes.  If this is the case, I do not think it would be reliable.  A re-test now (6 weeks would be more reliable)
6.  You do not need more testing for HIV of syphilis.
7.  If the main problem you are having now is the rash (along with sore throat, etc,) then I would think a good dermatologist might be the right sort of doctor to see.
I hope this is helpful.  EWH
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First at all Dr., thanks for your quick response.

Sorry Dr, I think here is a misunderstanding: at day 3 I realized about the blisters, but I took the test at day 21 (3 weeks)

In response to your questions:

1. I took a blood test for herpes as follow:


Negative at 3 weeks (21 days)...( the other tests were at 21 days too)

Is still too early (you know, for Herpes, Hepatitis and Syphilis)?

2. The main lesion (the pimple) is gone after the AMOXIXILINA. The small blister (approx. 8, 1 mm diameter) are still there (looks pretty much the same as the first time I found them).

I do not know if the symptoms are related each other: I mean the pubic area blister, the arms and legs rash, and the sore throat small blister beside uvula and redness beside uvula!!

Do you think they suggest any kind of STD? or something else? or a mitxure of them? (std+otherthing)

Thanks again

Yes, I will go to a dermatologist

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thanks for the clarification.  This is helpful.  

Yes, three weeks is a bit early for the herpes blood test. In addition, from what you've told me, I can tell you that you have not had one of the gG blood tests we recommend (because they are more accurate and more accurately distinguish HSV-1 from HSV-2.  At three weeks only about half of those who are going to develop positive blood tests will have done so you may want to consider repeating this.

On the other hand, 3 weeks is fine for the syphilis blood test.   I would not worry further about hepatitis.

I think the symptoms are unlikely to be related to each other.  I do not think that what you have told me suggests that any of this, except perhaps the blisters is suggestive of STD.

I still think seeing a dermatologist is the right way to go in seeking clarification as to what is going on.

No further posts till you see the dermatologist please.  EWH
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Wouldn't the blisters at over 3 weeks have ulcerated and crusted over by now if it were indeed herpes?
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