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vinegar remove bump/skin tag/wart?
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vinegar remove bump/skin tag/wart?


About 7 months ago I found a small bump on the shaft (top, very close to the base) of my penis.  It was a dark mole colored bump that was kinda finger like, about 1-2mm in diameter and maybe 3-4 mm long.  It was flexable and easy to move around.

After reading online, I found that vinegar could be used to determine if a bump is a wart (by it changing color to white).  So, like a stupid guy, I applied vinegar via a cotton ball to that bump and let it sit there for maybe 3 minutes.  

Once I removed the cotton ball the 'finger like' dark (mole colored) bump looked like it had shrunk/dried up.  Within 24 hours and no further vinegar, the thing had totally dried up and fell off.  About a week later I went to the doctor and she viewed the area and said nothing looked abnormal and that drying off behavior didn't sound like a wart, and not to worry about it.

Background:  at the time I was jogging about 6 miles 3-4 times a week in boxers.  I found another larger skin tag a few days after this 'finger like' bump (the new one was skin colored) in my groin region on the scrotum where it rubbs the leg (had the doctor check it out).  After poking/cutting that accidently with tweezers it dried up and never came back.

It's been 7 months and nothing has returned.

Does this drying up with vinegar behavior give any ideas as to what it was.  I think it was a skin tag, but on the shaft?  Bottom line - do I have anything to worry about?

Thanks - this is a great service you provide.
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I think you're right about it being a skin tag and not a wart.  Warts are fixed to the skin, not soft and mobile.  Although treatment with a strong acid could destroy a skin tag in the way you describe, household vinegar is a weak acid and I wouldn't think it would have that effect.  But it obviously did.  Maybe some skin tags are especially sensitive to acid destruction.  You might post a follow-up question on the dermatology forum and see what Dr. Rockoff says.  In the meantime, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Thanks for the thanks about the STD forum!

Best regards--  HHH, MD
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