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what is my STD?
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what is my STD?

I had unprotected sex with a stripper (I know stupid). About 2-weeks after that my testicles started aching, then about a moth after that it moved to my urethra. So now I have a constant pain in my testicles (about a constant 2-3 pain level) and pain in my urethra, as well as like a general pain in my groin.

I tested positive for chlamydia, took the pills and re-tested and its gone but the pain problem still is there, I am wondering if its something else

I have been to some many labs and been tested for the following

Chlamydia (neg now)
Gonorrhea (neg )
Syphilis (neg )
HIV (neg)
Mycoplasms IgA (none detected)
T. Pallidum Ab IgG (Neg)
Chlamydia Antibodies, IgG (.91 / norm for having it)
Creatinine, serum (normal) kidney function for hepatitis detection.

I have been to the urologist –
physical exam: testes and prostrate (normal)
Ultra sound on testes (normal)
Urine sample test: (normal)

Pills and shots taken precautionary
Doxycycline (pill)
Ceftriaxone (shot)

I am certain that its some type of STD or bacteria since it started 2-weeks after having unprotected sex with a stripper

Can any one help me? I need to figure out what this is.
Avatar m tn
Herpes, trich would be my only guess but those are not even that likely. Not really sure.
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