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This is a group for anyone who is currently living in limbo land with a neurological disorder but doesn't have a diagnosis. Many people are living with chronic and disabling neurological problems which mirror such diseases as multiple sclerosis, lupus, M.E., Fibromyalgia, Lymes disease, Vitimin D deficiency, Migraines, Parkinsons yet have no diagnosis and are left to literally struggle on alone. I have set up this group to help support people through their journey, whether its just for a moan, sharing a joke, experiences, advise on how to survive just plain anything. I know there are a lot of us out there. Anyone who feels lost, or needs to share or just wants a big hug please join, there will always be someone to give you support. OUR MOTTO IS: "we are still all in this matter what point of our journey we are in...limbo, dx. or just joining...we are all here for a seek support, make a friend and find answers..."

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Just found out that my grandfather (Nono) on my mom's side had neurtitis pain.
My grandfather had peripheal neuropathy. Towards the end of his life he was diagnosed with Parkinsons, it took years to get diagnosis.

My father had peripheal neuropathy, lupus,, and cryoglobenimia.

My grandmother had Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The predisposition in our family is autoimmune with a sprinkling of neurolgical problems lol. So yes genetics does play a part.
The autoimmune disorders definitely run in families. They can also come in groups of two or more in the same person.  My hubby's close relative now has RA (well known in the women in the family), Lupus, and Reynaud's.

I have a distant relative who has fibromyalgia-like pain, as do a few of her female relatives on her mother's side.  She sent me a copy of a fascinating study of a new breakthrough discovery. Some researchers found a defective gene related to an enzyme that protects the lungs against inflammation.

Whether a person has one or two copies of it determines if there is a higher chance of Parkinson's, COPD, and Fibromyalgia.  It is really interesting, because Parkinson's is an autoimmune disorder, COPD is usually a result of exposure to toxins, and Fibromyalgia is a disorder of unknown origin that is not autoimmune. You wouldn't think they all have something in common. But all relate to inflammation.

It is amazing how complex our bodies are!  I keep wondering if all these conditions have always been in the human population at this level, or if there is something in our modern world that is increasing the occurence.  I think our nervous systems are the canary in the coal mine.
wow i love that:

 I think our nervous systems are the canary in the coal mine.

One thing just google green petrol. It is disgusting stuff and full of carcigens and funny enough so many people are sick now and the one common denominator is petrol lol. Well is that far fetched? My father was a garage owner when he finally came out of the forces.

When he received the COSHH for this new petrol he told us he would now be going self service as he would not allow his staff to be exposed to this poisonous stuff.

Makes you wonder.
While the "transfer factor" is wellestablished, if we want to "Outsmart" Disease, we have to look VERY carefully into the following:

1. Toxicity/Pollution/Chemicals
2. Chronic Stress
3. Modern Medicine
4. The End Of Food. (It is also the title of a book by Thomas F. Pawlick)
5. Physical Activity (Lack of)

Our children's generation, for the first time in history, will have a lower life expectancy than ours!
And this trend is expected to continue, as the health implications due to the above, are increasing at alarming rates.

Food for Thought!


"Our children's generation, for the first time in history, will have a lower life expectancy than ours!"

I like your comment because so many sick children in todays society makes everyone wonder why?

I grew up on a farm where all the food was organic.  Even our meats.  But, today children grow up on processes foods.  Left the farm at age 7-8...can't exactly remember.

Nono and Nona where from Switerland.  Nona worked in a clothing factory and not sure what Nono did but they came to America for a better life and started their own organic diary farm.  They had their own health issues.  Nona died of complications of diabetes.  And Nono had a stroke.  So, I guess everyone has their own exposures.  They both ate lots of saturated fat like whole cheese, milk and etc...  that's what I remember.
Correction. should read:  "Our children's generation, for the first time in history, will have a lower life expectancy than their parents!"

TriTracy.  You had and have  a strong connection with your Nono and Nona.
( in Physical and Spirit Life)

Modern Medicine is a VERY undervalued contributing factor.
Vaccinations are also a bigger contributor to children's health issues,
than what we're lead to believe.
A Chiropractor friend in Michigan, visits Amish clients (they don't go to MDs
and their kids don't get vaccinated) every week in their community
and states that he's never come across any cases of ADHD,ADD,Autism etc. there.
And they all seem to be on the average healthier than the general population, attributing this to their old-fashioned ways of living.
Food for thought.

I definately think it is to do with injections and the way we eat and the stress we are in now. Our life expectations are too high, we want too much perhaps even a bit greedy sometimes. The Amish live simple lives and do not have the stress of living in the modern world. Technology is our downfall.

IF we had no electricity our kids would die in days of boredom. They have no ability to use imagination and live with too many things they should not be privvy too. Kids are plonked in front of the telly from birth watching moving pictures and sounds.

I had so many injections when i was child because my father travelled.

Yellow Fever

Although when we were brought up we never had telly. I can remember spending hours with 2 cans and a bit of string. Radio and stilts bliss lol.

Now its IPODS, laptops, xboxes, violent games, sex, utube, Criminal Minds and so on and so forth.

Kids are allowed to listen to parents arguing, get involved in their personal business have no boundarys.

I worry for my family to be honest.

Families dont talk to each other anymore. They live in different rooms. The only time they talk is through text or facebook.

I think a bit of old fashioned principles would go a long way to be honest.

Kids today are selfish and they demand too much from their parents as though it is their right to have all these things.