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Mental Health While in Limbo Land
I've been in Limbo Land for years now. At the moment, I am in my second "spell" since November. I stopped seeing a neurologists 1 1/2 years ago after getting nowhere except for abnormal neuro exams and MRIs with multiple lesions that "were not characteristic of MS" and ruling our most mimics.

This spell has me to the point where I am turning into a shut in due to problems with vision and balance. I have taken considerable risks trying to drive to work (45 minutes...one day I pulled over 3 times and then took back roads so that the drive took more than 2 hours).

I'm losing my appetite and drive to do things. How do you maintain a healthy mental state while going through all this?

Last, one strange question that I have not been able to find. Has anyone experience a flush of warmth or coldness in their vagina? This has happened several times over the past few weeks. I'm 10 years post menopausal and have never had hot flashes. I don't know if this is an anxiety symptom or something else???
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Hi Audrey.

Most of your symptoms and condition(s) may be affected by a deficiency in DHEA (  DHEA free and DHEA sulfate), including your postmenopausal
vaginal warmth and coolness.
I'm assuming that this has not been ruled out.
( Otherwise just disregard my suggestion)
You can get a 24H urine test for DHEA to verify this.
You may do a search for this.
Should you find that you are indeed deficient, do not attempt to supplement on your own. Too much DHEA is not a good thing!
A DHEA cream is recommended over oral DHEA and must be done under the supervision of a holistic doctor.
Wish you well.
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