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Why is Lyme Disease Not JUST a Tick-Borne Disease Any More?
Hey Limbolanders,
I'll try this again. Just lost what I had ready to send.
Please do not miss this interview and article at Dr. Mercola's website
today Feb.5, 2012
It refers to many things I've been telling people for years.

This is becoming an epidemic!
Don't miss it!
Love, Strength, Courage!
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dear niko,

thanks for posting this.  i believe the environmental damage we have caused is playing a huge part in the virulence of lyme and its cohorts.

this is the path i am on--treatment for lyme and other stealth infection which have resulted in my suffering from neurotoxic illness.

i was tested and have antibodies for HHV6, chlamydia pneumoniae, EBV, rickettsia rickettsiae & positive igenex western blot bands 31 & 41.

maybe this is all the answer?  i don't know.  like i said, i am guardedly pursuing treatment, but trying desperately not to get too attached to the outcome.

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This was interesting.

The theory that this is tied in with Electro Magnetic Fields puts me at a definitely elevated risk. For the first 10 weeks after my insect bite I was riding around in basically a huge generator! I don't know what the numbers would be but they must be significant. Each of the locomotives generate 4390HP and we have two of them on the head end of the train!

I had already come to the conclusion that it is immaterial what kind of tick borne diseases occur in my state. Those locomotives run 24/7 through many states and many crews with very little attention to cleanliness. Who knows what kind of insects could catch a ride!

I am anxious to see my test results!
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This IS also a good article about lymes and about the ignorance of doctors and lymes.


Thank you Niko too for your post. That is very interesting. I think you should put the link on our sticky post for useful information, so this stays on top of the forum ok.

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