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Information on "Questions For You"
Hello Everyone,

Some of you may have noticed the bar on the top of the forums "Questions For You." It is the next phase of MedHelp's Top Answerer's/Badges addition to the site.

If you click on the bar it will allow you to quickly answer questions that have less than 3 comments in the areas of your knowledge. Questions appear on a "dashboard" like column.  It's a wonderful way for our members to help each other in areas of their knowledge. We hope that this will promotes community building by easily allowing cross posting and/or posting in communities where others need answers.  

This new feature compliments MedHelp's Badges by showing questions to our members relative to their knowledge/badges. There's even an area to add/change one's area of knowledge within the application.  

It's SIMPLE to use!!!!  I encourage you all to take a look at it and see if you can help. I think it is truly an asset!

As always thanks for all you do here to make MedHelp a great place to be.

With Gratitude,
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