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Low Blood Pressure
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Low Blood Pressure

my 78 year old mother had a few blood pressure readings of 60/50 and is having dizzy spells
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Dear Ron

It sounds like your Mom needs to see her doctor as soon as possible.  There are medications that can help with her low blood pressure.

It would be helpful for her doctor if she could track her blood pressure at different times during the day.  Then keep a journal of the information to share with her doctor.  

MedHelp offers a fantastic tool called a Blood Pressure Tracker.  The tracker is free of charge and it would allow your Mom to record and track her blood pressure, pulse rate and many symptoms such as dizziness or fatigue.  Once the data is entered, you or your Mom can print out a full report to share with her doctor anytime you like.  The more often information is recorded, the easier it will be for your Mom's doctor to identify any patterns to your Mom's low blood pressure.

If you don't have access to a printer and would like your doctor to view your Blood Pressure Tracker while in their office, ask your doctor if you can use his computer to login to MedHelp.  If the doctor agrees, then they can view or print your Blood Pressure Tracker right from their office computer.

To get to the Blood Pressure Tracker and all of MedHelp's great health tools, just go to:

I hope this is helpful to you and your Mom.  Please try to schedule an appointment for your Mom as soon as possible.  Also, please let us know how she is doing.  Her experiences may help others.


Blood pressure readings are meaningless without knowing the heart rate. That being said a pressure of 60/50 should mean an immediate visit to the emergency room and a transport by 911. In the elderly a child's blood pressure cuff is necessary. I have three cuffs I use. If an adult cuff is used on an elderly person the reasons are often abnormal. I suspect this is the case. The dizzy spells often go hand in hand with oxygen deficiency secondary to cardiac failure, but we should not jump to conclusions. In any event she requires an ER evaluation.
Hi Ron,

Welcome to the Senior Health Forum.

I wholeheartedly agree with Caregover. If your mother's B/P was accurately taken she need an immediate medical evaulation. We do have an excellant B/P Tracker. However instead of just tracking it her PCP needs to be contacted immediately. I hope you have done so.

Bradycardia (low heart rate) often goes hand in hand with hypotension (low blood pressure). I agree that it is important to measure both. What is her heart rate? There are multiple reasons for hypotension. You have not provided enough information to guess what her reasons may be.....and the more important issue now is to contract her PCP.

I hope you will update your post and let us know how your mom is doing. We are concerned.

Best of Luck,
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