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This patient support community is for discussions relating to assisted living, caregivers, clinical trials, exercise, financial issues, nutrition, nursing homes, rehabilitation, and sex.

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Welcome to the Senior Health Community

I am very glad that you have decided to join us. Our members consist of seniors and/or those closely involved with them. Some years ago a “senior” simply meant old. Today it means fifty or over and living life. Challenges are a part of every age; they just change as you enter each generation.  

You've joined a great site. MedHelp connects over ten million people each month with the best doctors, hospitals and specialists in the world as well as with others with shared healthcare interests and experiences.

This forum is focused on all the issues, joys and challenges that we face as seniors. Those issues can range from parenting to sex and from health insurance to major health crisis as well as everything in between. MedHelp has provided us a forum to discuss those issues, to share our thoughts and concerns and to learn and grow with one another.  Indeed we can learn. I never stop learning and some of my best teachers are you.    

If you are new to MedHelp I’d like to familiarize you with some of our features.

*Journals:  Allow you to transcribe your thoughts or record events. You can share your experiences. They can be      designated as private viewed only by you, or public, viewed by anyone or friends only, viewed by only those on your friends list.

*Notes: Can be sent to another member of MedHelp just by clicking, “send a note.” These are viewable by everyone.

*Personal Messages: Usually referred to as PM. This allows you to send a private message, not viewed by anyone except the recipient and yourself.

* Trackers: MedHelp trackers are available on your Home Page. There are multiple trackers to assist you in tracker your medical facts such things as weight, pain, allergies, mood and so forth. You may even share these with your medical provider.

*Terms of Service/Use: Also referred to as TOS. I encourage you to read you those. You can find them by clicking on Terms of use at the bottom of your page or by following this link:

As the Community Leader (CL), I am a member just like you. A CL acts as an ambassador to MH, communicating feedback from the community to MH and vice versa.  It's my pleasure to volunteer my time to this very worthy site.

I have many years of relating and working with the senior community at various levels. My love and first passion has always been our seniors. Now as a Baby Boomer I find that I have joined those ranks. In case you’re wondering the sociologists define Baby Boomers as those born between (and including) 1946 and 1964.

I look forward to getting to know all of you. I’ll do my best to respond to your questions and/ or refer you to more information. I hope you all will share in the same. If you would like to know more about me you can see my profile page by following this link:

Please don't be hesitant to ask a question or just express your concerns and opinions.

Welcome to our community. I hope you will visit often and become an active member.

Community Leader
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