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length of recovery
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length of recovery

Was hospitalized dec 2011 for pyelonephritis n sepsis. I was blessed n diagnosis early n treated aggressively. In icu 1a day n reg. Floor 7, then sent home on picc line with a antibiotics 3 times a day. Off work a month.  Im astonished how long it is taking to get better. Like most on here I was active. This has been a scary time.  Am 52a yr old female. The weakness. Fatigue, memory problems aches. Just couldn't figure it out n same response from the docs.  "here takes time u were very ill". First day back to work ran low grade fever, which was scary. Now back on oral antibiotics for URI. Reading these comments havn scary, enlightening, reassuring n terrifying. But I feel better knowing others had similar illness n that this is Sorta normal. N forwarded about being careful about this new infection til I am recovered. Prayers for all of u n ur recovery
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Hello and Welcome!

I am sorry to hear you that you have not returned to "normal." I've had sepsis three times.... same reason. I was 34 when this occurred. It took many months to once again feel like my old self.  It was a long and bumpy road..... One I hope I never have to repeat.

Considering your sepsis was in December and you are still fighting an infection I am not surprised you are slower to return to "normal" than you would like. Obviously I am far from an expert. I think you are doing the right thing by keeping in close contact with your Medical Providers. I also think their comments regarding your recovery were right on.

Have patience my dear. Sepsis is a traumatic illness and an insult to your entire body systems. You are blessed to have recover from the acuteness  of this condition .....  it will just take time.  

Do keep in close contact with your Physician. Do be on the look out for any signs of a repeat. Do take very good care of yourself, including eating right and exercising within your capabilities.

I am sorry you are not up-to-par... but delighted you are still with us! Feel free to post as needed... even if it's just to vent.

I wish you the very best and will look forward to hearing from you again.

Take Care,
Thank u for ur response . Although sad and a whole lot of scary,  it was so helpful to hear others had similar stories. In fact after reading their stories I realized how fortunate I was to get good treatment early. Never Thot o would thank God for such a long awful headache. But that was what drove me to go to the hospital. Is it common to have the sepsis return?. I really do not want to repeat it. The actual illness now doesn't seem as frustrating as these lingering symptoms n already getting a respiratory infection my first day back to work was unsettling to say the least. Plus no one else understands. "Ur not better yet?" Or similar comments r common n frustrating. Im so glad u made it thru ur illness. When will the fear of repeat sepsis go away (I or does it just lesson?)
I got sick one afternoon, threw up, and had a 100.2 temp.  I figured I had the flu since my body was aching and my muscles were extremely weak.  Well, that was before I tried to walk to the bathroom.  I lost all bladder control, was walking like an extreme drunk and finally fell down and literally couldn't get up.  My husband picked me up and put me in the bed.  In a few mins. I tried again to go to the bathroom and ended up on the floor.  He called an ambulance and in the ER a dr. said, "Honey, you're a sick girl.  You'll be going to ICU in a few mins."  The next day is when I found out I had sepsis.  Plus, my blood sugar was up, potassium and magnesium both very low, a heart chemical was a little high, causing them to ask, "Have you had any chest pains?"  Nope.  So, over the next 3 days in ICU, they did a zillion blood tests, all normal except of course for the white count.  The did a CT of ALL my organs, trying to locate the origin of the sepsis.  All normal.  So they did a spinal tap (OMG) and tested for Meningitis, Lime Disease, West Nile Virus, and more I can't remember.  ALL normal!  So the last dr. says they can't find the origin of the sepsis and that mine must be viral.  Is there even such a thing?  

Well, that was 4 weeks ago, and I too and SO TIRED most of the time.  I do maybe 1 or 2 chores and I'm zapped....gotta lay down or at least sit down.  I keep asking around to find out how long this stuff is going to keep me down and I have a scary feeling it's going to come back.  I'm also concerned that they couldn't find the it still there?

I have cluster headaches anyway but they came on like gangbusters in the hospital and the first 2 weeks home.  Tramadol just doesn't cut it.  Dare I ask for something else lest they think I'm some sort of addict?  My lower back is a constant pain, again nothing helps.  

Ya'll are not alone.  I'd really like to have better answers about where mine came from...seems most people know.  Anyone else have no idea?

Thanks for listening.  I'm a 58 year old female of good health and sepsis has become my worst enemy!!
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