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safe way to lower my libido?
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This forum is a safe place for men and women to ask serious personal questions about issues such as: pain during intercourse, loss of libido, difficulty achieving orgasm, testosterone & estrogen deficiency, sex after menopause, erectile dysfunction, …to name a few. Please be sure your question is complete and clear before you click on POST. Thanks and welcome to the forum!

Examples of the types of questions that pertain to Sexual Dysfunction Medicine are:

• Anorgasmia in men and women – difficulty achieving orgasm
• Lack or loss of libido in men and women
• Dyspareunia -- pain during intercourse
• Vaginismus – unable to have vaginal sex
• Menopause and Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Prostatectomy problem
• Orgasmic Anhedonia – pleasureless sex
• Problems brought on by medicine and drugs—eg., SSRIs and Proscar.

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safe way to lower my libido?

Hi, so i really hope someone can help me. My fiance and i are about to get married next month and we are expecting a son in august which are both the greatest things i could ask for. My problem is that for the last few months our sex life has fallen to shambles and ive learned that the only reason we had sex so often before is because she would do it even if she didnt want to back then. That hurts me a lot. Sexually im a very giving person i dont have sex to get off, i want to give my partner pleasure but if she doesnt want to then neither do i. The problem is that i still get really horny everyday. If we arnt having sex that day i masturbate at least twice. Maybe im addicted. I just want to stop feeling angry about sex. How do i lower my libido? I dont want this to b something that comes between us. I love her so much i just need to not want sex as often.
There are drugs that can lower libido but they are really a very bad idea because once lowered it may or may not come back when off these medications.

This may be a situation that you will need to ride out until after the baby is born. Keep the dialogue between you going. Maybe she would like to help you with masturbation. I hope it all goes well for you both.
Why don't you go to a couples therapist who mag or may not be a axe therapist but is competent and comfortable with helping couples with these issues ? And, maybe sometime hopefully not to far future she may be willing to find ways to increase her libido vs you decreasing yours. Read sources from dr laura berman ....
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