Can a girl get pregnant by being fingered with sperm on your hand?
by broncogators, Jun 15, 2010
My girlfriend and i were making out and i began to finger her while she gave me a hand job i reached down to pull my boxers down i bit to be more comfortable and some sperm got on my hand and went back to keep going but my girlfriend stop me realizing that i had sperm on my hand problem is i cant remember if my fingers got into her vagina they might have a little could my girlfriend be pregnant? please i need answers because im freakin out over this so please thank you.
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by SeriousSam, Jun 15, 2010
It would be rare, unusual, but not impossible.  All it takes is the little guys to be vigorous enough to get up the vaginal canal
by iam1butterfly, Jun 15, 2010
The sperm can migrate up the vagina without penetration and result in fertilization. So, yes, albeit uncommon, pregnancy is possible in the manner in which you described.
by Westguy1003, Jun 15, 2010
Unusual, ulikely, but definitely possible.

Morning after pill time. Just to be on the safe side. She can get it from her doctor or planned parenthood. It's effective for up to 72 hours and there's some anecdotal evidence that says it can be effective for an additional 2 days after that, but the quicker you take it the more effective it is.
by Westguy1003, Jun 15, 2010
I feel like this needs to be said for those who don't understand how pregnancy works:

Anytime sperm gets into a vagina a pregnancy can occur.

The fact that the penis wasn't involved doesn't make a difference. The penis is really just a sperm delivery system. The sperm is what causes pregnancy, not the penis. A penis has nothing to do with pregnancy.

Anytime sperm gets into the vagina you can get pregnant. It doesn't matter if the penis put it there, your hand, or a turkey baster.

Sperm + Vagina = possibility of pregnancy.